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We support the integration of the target organization by addressing employee expectations of the organization’s future, securing and developing key skills, aligning processes and systems, and managing the change in "crisis management" mode.

Case Studies

Sia Partners partnered with a leading E&P organization to help them improve their organization design and increase staff engagement. 



A growing E&P organisation wanted a strategic partner to support them in two organization development workstreams. The objectives were to:

  • Build capability, methods, and tools to ensure the organisation is appropriately structured, resourced, and capable of delivering its objectives
  • Identify the organisation’s key behaviours and implement mechanisms to nurture and sustain the desired culture

Recent Staff survey results and internal focus groups had identified that the organisation design was not clear and employees did not understand their career development options.   Performance management and appraisal systems were seen as ineffective and the quality of line managers was highly variable with most avoiding “difficult conversations” about behaviours and development needs.



Organisation Design workstream

To support this workstream we developed a set of OD principles and a high-level operating model to provide the strategic direction for all future OD. We developed a bespoke OD toolkit with a range of tools and templates for on-going use within the organisation and tested the OD toolkit on a live example in the Subsurface function.

Behaviours and Culture workstream

In order to increase effectiveness, we Identified “Moments that Matter” for employees – those disproportionately impacting staff engagement, prepared a behavioural competency framework defining expected behaviours and how they apply to each level in the organisation and updated “people” processes (appraisal, recruitment, learning and development, etc.) based on the behavioural competency framework. We also worked with communications to creatively promote new behaviours.

To support both workstreams, Sia Partners also worked alongside the internal HR function to ensure project deliverables were incorporated into the business.



We successfully achieved greater accountability for major processes across the organisation’s value chain and increased clarity of interactions between functions. A successful pilot of the OD toolkit was carried out within the Subsurface function with internal resource gaining experience in a controlled environment with the support of Sia Partners’ OD experts. A Behavioural Competency Framework was embedded into the business, which employees found engaging and this helped managers hold more effective performance discussions and reinforced organisational culture through revised people processes. We also up-skilled HR staff to undertake OD projects using the OD toolkit and champion the organisation’s new behaviours and culture.

Overall, this resulted in an increase in staff engagement of 8%, verified through a company-wide staff survey.

Sia Partners worked with a global professional services company to support them with the development of a new growth strategy. Find out more about what we did and the impact this had on our client...



Our client, a global professional services company focusing on sustainability, had agreed to ambitious sales and enterprise value growth targets with its new investors. Competition in its core markets was intensifying and a number of services were becoming commoditized. The company was more focused on its technical practices, not its clients, and had little or no conversations at a senior level.

A new strategy needed to be developed which:

  • Focused on clients and their needs
  • Responded to market developments
  • Addressed different levels within client organizations, including BoD’s
  • Maximized the value of its assets, particularly its people and data
  • Excited and energized staff
  • Drew on the best ideas from across the company



Sia Partners applied its strategy development IP and expertise to run a successful strategy creation process. We interviewed senior management and facilitated key meetings, to create alignment around the need for a new strategy and its central theme. This involved implementing a structured process to gather the best ideas from staff, prioritizing these and developing robust business cases. Sia Partners provided detailed input and support in the following areas:

  • Strategy purpose & storyline development
  • Data & technology approaches
  • Client-focused offerings
  • Organizational design
  • Brand
  • Implementation planning



We developed a powerful new strategy that engaged and energized all staff and enabled our client to refocus their organization around their clients and their needs. We identified and agreed our client’s core priority which was to develop data management and technology capability and use this to underpin and enhance the client experience. We successfully developed new business models, including a managed services offering and generated exciting new thinking around the evolution of the brand.

Expected benefits by 2020 include a 100% increase in sales revenue and enterprise value, an improved set of client-focused capabilities, and a greatly enhanced market presence.

Sia Partners worked with a leading E&P organization to support them with the development of a new operating model. Find out more about how we helped them and what we did...


Our client’s E&P Organisation was designing and implementing a new, ambitious strategy with the aim of doubling existing production volumes, with maximum improvement in profitability. The existing Operating Model was not fit for purpose and would not in its existing state support the projected growth rate that the organization had set itself. Sia Partners was engaged to design and implement a new, robust Operating Model that would ensure one consistent way of working across critical areas of operation, implement best practices, and promote a culture of responsibility and autonomy.


Sia Partners assessed the current Operating Model, including:

  • As-is performance analysis of the corporate center and operating companies, including their roles, responsibilities, and interactions
  • Level of integration and effectiveness of the technical functions across the value chain
  • Effectiveness of the corporate support functions
  • Pain points and quick wins

Sia Partners then designed and implemented an effective and fit for purpose Operating Model for the corporate centre and operating companies including organizational structure, governance, and key processes. We implemented quick wins identified during current state analysis and designed and facilitated a series of ‘Brown-paper’ workshops with senior leadership, corporate center, and operating companies to communicate the Operating Model, clarify areas of uncertainty, and develop further improvements.


A new robust Operating Model was put in place that will, in time, enable the organization to achieve its strategy. This includes a new organisation structure, consistent business processes, a fit-for-purpose governance framework, performance monitoring and reporting process, and finally a clear view of how the Functions support the business in an efficient and effective way.

We developed a continuous improvement framework that will ensure regular reviews of the Operating Model to identify and implement improvement opportunities and ensure it continues to align with the organizations evolving strategy. We also created a detailed document that describes how the business works on a daily basis in order to achieve its strategy – including defining the interactions and roles and responsibilities of each group within the Organisation. This document was used to communicate the new way of working and Operating Model to all employees.

Sia Partners supported our client with the creation of a new organization design methodology to help them improve their internal capability. Find out more about our approach and the results...


Following an internal audit of organization design projects that had been conducted across the business, our client, an Oil and Gas Super Major, concluded that there was a lack of understanding around the best way to approach organization design across several of its functions. The organization design projects undertaken had been carried out inconsistently at varying levels of quality and therefore resulted in mixed outcomes and missed opportunities. There was also no process in place to capture the lessons learned from each project which could be helpful for future organization design projects.



Sia Partners supported our client with the creation of a structured Organisation Design Methodology including all the phases, steps and supporting detail for each phase and step. This included continuous improvements and project evaluation guidance.

We then converted this material into a master class training course and created and tested the course content and facilitator notes with key stakeholders and organization design experts. Sia Partners ran the course globally, refining course materials based on feedback and making updates to the methodology where required.



We successfully improved consistency in the way that Organisation Design is delivered across the organization by developing a consistent process and then training individuals on how to apply it. Feedback from the courses shows that attendees saw the benefit of the process and training and the course consistently receives some of the highest ratings of any of the courses.

We increased the capability of staff to confidently undertake organization design projects using the methodology and the understanding developed through the training. Feedback following the courses shows that attendees have used the increased capability to lead or support organization design projects across the organization.

As a result of these courses, we increased the confidence of staff to undertake organization design projects. This has led to a reduction in spending on external support.