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Investment Strategy

Sia Partners helps its clients define and implement their investment strategies: choose the investment mode (strategic or financial investments), define the investment criterias, source organizations, due diligence, support in investment operations, communications…

Due diligence

Sia Partners helps its clients create analysis grids tailored for their investment objectives. Sia Partners has also supported clients in the energy, insurance, banking and transportation industries in their investor due diligence process(market study, competition analysis, business model analysis…)

Innovation Hub

Sia Partners has helped a local administration in defining the business model of its Silver Economy Innovation Hub (service offering, resources, relation with the ecosystem…), following a benchmark of French Silver Economy players and an analysis of the region’s needs.

Investment structure

Sia Partners has helped a client position its various Open Innovation structures (intrapreneurship structure, Lab, investment fund) in order to have a clear view of their issues, better allocate budgets, and a have coherent investment approach.