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Sia Partners is a leader in driving the energy transition and leveraging the hydrogen value chain. We accompany clients with first-rate expertise to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this ecosystem.

A key resource in the energy transition

Renewable and low carbon hydrogen have an immense growth potential, highlighted by the investments pouring into infrastructures, technologies, and applications across diverse sectors. The decarbonization capacity of hydrogen is significant but its nascent value chain represents significant risks.  

We leverage our expertise to navigate the complexities of the hydrogen value chain with our clients, identifying risks, developing strategies, and optimizing their operations to draw out the full potential of the Hydrogen vector. 


Expertise throughout the value chain

Building on the experience acquired in the Power-to-Gas sector since 2011, we have carried out more than 60 Hydrogen focused assignments across various sectors, with diverse actors.  

Our 25+ Hydrogen experts has developed an in-depth knowledge of the key drivers of the hydrogen economy across the globe, such as climate action goals, expanding use, renewable energy resources, governance, and cost competition. 


1. Market Analysis

It is crucial to decipher the specific context of this emerging sector and highlight its trends, considering local perspectives and issues. 


2. Strategic / R&D Roadmap

Together with our clients, we define a coherent strategy for the short, medium, and long terms, incorporating technological and regulatory developments in an industry that is in the throes of expansion. 


3. Analytical tools

Monitoring and forecasting developments are key to detecting weak signals and positioning oneself in the best possible way. This is why we support our customers in modeling and forecasting market trends, using analysis tools (production cost of green/low-carbon hydrogen, demand forecasts, etc.). Our solutions in this area can be the result of close collaborations between our business experts and Sia Partners' data scientists. 


4. Project Management

Drawing on our expertise, we help our customers to drive all types of hydrogen projects: R&D, demonstrators, pilots, industrial projects. We accompany them in all aspects of project management: business plans, partnerships, fund-raising, governance, communication... 

Project management

H2 Club: Consolidating our know-how in a rapidly evolving economy

The Sia Partners’ H2 club catalyzes the expertise of our 25+ hydrogen consultants, with complementary experiences on various aspects of the hydrogen value chain. Their collaboration is crucial in keeping up to date with the latest evolutions of the hydrogen economy.  

It allows us to identify nascent market dynamics and carry out in-depth studies, that in turn provide a baseline for our clients’ solutions.  

Our hydrogen offer combines a plethora of resources to improve the efficiency and benefits for our clients by combining databases, public reports, scientific publications, technical studies and national strategies/roadmaps. 

Sia Partners’ H2 Club has developed a set of tools to develop our capabilities to bring value to our clients including a database of baseline studies (over 200 items), modeling tools for assessing LCOH, modeling tools for hydrogen development scenarios, etc. These solutions are developed closely with Sia Partners data scientists.


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