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How We Support Our Clients in the Assessment of Ecosystems and Partnerships

We help our clients define a partnership strategy to create synergies by assessing their needs and identifying both the best partners and the required tools to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

• Select the partners that will best meet our clients’ needs. There are many reasons for companies to consider building partnerships (diversification of their offer, need for expertise, capacity requirements, etc.), we assist them with a rigorous methodology to qualify their needs and target ambitions, so as to select the most suitable partners.


• Building sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our framing of the partnerships’ terms & conditions and governance model brings maximum value to the different stakeholders involved. We contribute to strengthening their implementation and adoption by teams through change management.


• Quickly acquire new assets to enrich their offer. Our result-oriented approach enables companies to rapidly develop new capabilities and enrich their offer to meet strategic interests and customer expectations.

Our Work in the Energy Sector

Discover how we helped an actor in the energy sector by creating an innovative services platform.

We supported this major energy actor in the creation of new growth opportunities by setting up an innovative marketplace platform. This included:

  • Supporting the development of services related to “habitat” (value proposition, competitor benchmark)
  • Carrying out or buying studies done on the platform
  • Identifying possible target companies
  • Developing services around EV and 100% digital paths
  • Co-creating the implementation of 100% online PV sales