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How We Optimize Retention and Acquisition

We support marketing teams in developing the potential of their online and offline acquisition channels, and the growth of their top-line revenues by retaining their customers with the highest value, and by acquiring new customers through analytical data and a tailored-made strategy.

Identify the most profitable channels to improve acquisitions. As acquisitions have to be dealt with using a multichannel approach, we help our clients adapt their content strategy in order to deliver the right message at the right time, through the right channel. We also develop automated marketing tools to help our clients maximize their acquisitions.


Build customer loyalty. We help our clients improve customer loyalty and engagement by moving from a transactional model to a more relational and personalized model. Retention is a key lever to maximize revenue and create a privileged relationship with customers.


Reduce the attrition rate. It is essential to secure retention within the existing customer base. To do this, we conduct a 360° analysis in order to identify and prioritize dissatisfaction factors and disruption causes throughout the customer journey and on every channel. Our approach enables our clients to not only take corrective actions but also adopt a preventive approach regarding retention.


Leverage data to reinforce conversion. Improving the acquisition process involves better lead identification and lead management, which allows for a higher conversion rate of prospects into customers. Thanks to our capabilities in data science, we have developed an AI solution which identifies highly qualified leads. Our bot predicts the moves of corporations within the next 12 to 24 months. This information enables clients from diverse industries (real estate, energy, professional services…) to understand the context of these leads, personalize their approach, and thus increase their conversion rate.

Corporate Move Prediction Bot

We have developed a bot that predicts company moves over a 12 to 24 month horizon in order to identify highly qualified leads.

Our Work in the Airport Sector

Find out how we assisted this company in redesigning their business model and loyalty program for high-value customers.

Following a crisis in the management of their VIP club – which had become unprofitable and had a very low rate of active members – the Client Management team called on Sia Partners to challenge the club’s business model and help achieve their profitability objectives. We therefore mobilized and supported the various players in the project to enable them to:

- Restructure the club’s business plan and loyalty program

- Manage the club’s activity with the implementation of processes and reports, coordinate the club’s activity and manage the relationship with a subcontractor

- Digitalize the club with the development of a digital loyalty card and a digital application