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How we Improve Pricing and Margin

We support our clients when defining optimized pricing, in order to generate turnover and margin growth, by establishing a diagnostic of their current pricing policy to deduce an optimized pricing policy and continue to increase their margins.

Analyze clients' pricing models to define quick-wins. We analyze the efficiency of the pricing policy on multiple levels: the positioning in comparison to the competition, the pricing according to customer segments and the efficiency of internal processes related to pricing actions. This diagnosis identifies under-exploited value and offers quick wins that have direct impacts on margins.


Define an efficient pricing strategy to improve margins. We address all key components of pricing and margin optimization to release untapped value opportunities. Our sectorial and data sciences capabilities allow us to quickly grasp the pricing environment and define an efficient and personalized pricing strategy.


Improve the efficiency of pricing actions. We help companies set up an efficient promotion policy. We redefine the process to improve go-to-market time by improving and accelerating the pricing change implementation time and aligning all stakeholders. We analyze the efficiency of promotional pricing actions, from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective, to improve their actions according to their revenue and margin objectives.

Our Work in the Airline Sector

Find out how we supported a leader in the airline industry in their pricing strategy.

In an increasingly competitive environment where airlines must offer competitive prices in order to maximize the filling rate of their flights, we supported this industry leader in defining their pricing strategy for a portfolio of countries based on brand strategy and competition. To do this, we helped them set up tools and methodologies to monitor competitor price trends in customer segments. We aided them in defining and evolving their pricing strategy according to competition, economic events, and helped to implement their new pricing processes, and monitor overall pricing performance based on defined KPIs.