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How We Help You Reach Excellence in Lead Management

We help marketing teams optimize the management, volume, and quality of their leads by implementing an efficient methodology of lead maturation, and a process to develop revenue and sales’ efficiency.

Increase the number of leads. We multiply physical and digital sources to collect the largest amount of data and to collect thorough knowledge of customers in order to generate an increasing number of qualified leads.


Strengthen the quality of leads. We participate in the implementation of a precise segmentation of prospects in order to better nurture them and ensure lead maturation through an optimized scoring process.


Increase lead conversion rate. We work with the marketing and sales teams to set up effective reporting and to ensure the systematic monitoring of lead conversion into opportunities and sales. This improved alignment between departments facilitates a higher conversion rate.


Leverage data to identify qualified leads. We own an AI solution which is based on different internal and external data sets in order to identify highly qualified leads. This bot specifically addresses our B2B clients from the real estate, energy, corporate catering, and corporate furniture sectors, as it predicts the probability of corporations to move within the next 12 to 24 months. This in turn allows the adoption of a personalized commercial approach, adapted to this specific moment in the organization’s life.

Corporate Move Prediction Bot

We have developed a bot that predicts the moves of companies over a 12 to 24-months horizon in order to identify highly qualified leads.

Our Workin the Automotive Sector

As part of an omnichannel strategy to digitize and enrich the user and customer experience, this leader in the automotive industry called on Sia Partners to assist in:

- Designing lead management tools for dealers and call centers using Salesforce

- Designing a prospect management application for dealers to improve customer satisfaction

- Defining a strategy for implementing these tools and prioritizing the functionalities using an agile method.

Our Work in the Energy Sector

Find out how we assisted an energy company to manage the cost of leads for their marketing campaigns.

While the multiplicity of stakeholders generated great complexity in the calculation of the conversion rate from raw leads to customers, the Marketing Department of this company called on Sia Partners to help define an end-to-end vision of the lead management process by building a dashboard to monitor the cost of leads. The latter made it possible to provide an objective vision of the commercial performance of campaigns, and to adjust the marketing investments in different channels according to their profitability.