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How We Build an Engagement and Activation Strategy

We help our clients define a data-driven marketing strategy in order to acquire, convert, and retain customers. To do so, we rely on the best digital marketing practices and identify the most relevant use cases for their objectives and digital maturity.

• Improve acquisition, activation, satisfaction, and retention. We implement data-driven marketing to better understand the behavior of our clients’ prospects and customers, and deliver targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns. This enhanced targeting drives acquisition, activation, and customer satisfaction, maximizing revenue and minimizing churn rates.


• Develop consistency and quality of interactions with our clients’ customers. We adopt an omni-channel, personalized approach to create fluid and relevant customer experiences, adapted to their company’s goals and strategy.


• Develop the digital and data maturity of companies. Thanks to our data science expertise, we help companies develop and leverage their data and analytic skills, to collect and analyze the data needed to understand customer behavior and satisfaction, implement targeted marketing campaigns, and track results.

Smart Data Quality Bot

We have developed a bot that enables an automated cleaning of CRM databases to improve data quality and help exploit it correctly.

Our Work in the Concierge Services Sector

Find out how we supported a leader in concierge services, in the design and implementation of a premium loyalty program.

We supported a leader in concierge services to deliver the first mobility and automotive services platform which brings together a dozen partners and covers innovative and premium services. Our work consisted of:

• defining the positioning of the offer and ensuring negotiation with partners

• managing the program, coordinating the design of the platform and its development

• ensuring the success of this innovative platform by encouraging and facilitating customer buy-in and commitment to the program