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How to Harness Customer Lifetime Value

We help identify our clients’ most valuable customers in the long run by implementing a customer lifetime value analysis, in order to better quantify the financial impact resulting from their customer experience. We support clients in identifying the link between customer value and business.

Define a customer segmentation depending on value. We support companies in calculating their CLV so they can segment their customers according to their contribution to revenue. They are then able to identify the most profitable customers and the stages of the customer journey that generate the highest value.


Target customers who need specific interventions so as to maximize performance. In order to capitalize on the customers with the highest CLV, we help set up a customized action plan to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction which consequently maximizes revenue.


Optimize resource allocation. Thanks to better customer knowledge, companies will be able to develop a customer relationship specific to each segment by prioritizing and targeting marketing and commercial initiatives in order to optimize their ROI.

Our assignment with a professional real estate leader allowed us to identify segments of prospects with high added value that have a conversion potential of twice the average.


Our Work With a Real Estate Leader

Find out how we helped a professional real estate leader to identify prospects with the highest value.

A professional real estate leader approached Sia Partners to improve their market research using artificial intelligence technologies. Through both customer-supplied and high-value external data, Sia Partners’ data science team developed a state-of-the-art predictive algorithm to provide the company with a ranking of the most interesting customers to explore. Thus, we were able to identify segments of prospects with a conversion potential that was twice the average.