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How to Define a Differentiation Strategy Leveraged by Customer Experience

We help our clients design and implement a unique target customer experience which is aligned with their company’s values and customers’ expectations. We do this by selecting areas of differentiation that provide the most customer value while capitalizing on pre-identified internal strengths.

Generate and prioritize differentiating initiatives that matter to customers. During cross-functional ideation workshops, we leverage each company's assets in order to co-construct their areas of differentiation, beyond price and product. Then, we prioritize initiatives based on their value for customers, their potential to generate value for the company and their implementation complexity.


Improve acquisition, satisfaction and retention. Customer Experience has become a key lever to attract and retain customers. We help companies build and follow-up on cross-functional action plans to roll out unique initiatives that are hard to replicate, then we help them monitor the value generated by these initiatives.


Align the whole company around the target Customer Experience. We help implement a Customer Experience governance to align stakeholders on the target vision, to monitor the implementation of unique initiatives and to promote a customer-centric culture at each level of the company.

Our Work in the Telecoms Sector

Find out how we supported a telecoms operator in the management and operational deployment of a customer experience differentiation program

To uphold customer acquisition and retention challenges, this telecoms operator wanted to make their customer experience a lever of differentiation, beyond pricing. It is in this context that we helpd out; to embed the governance bodies at different levels (group, zones, country), to frame the differentiation program and to develop the ideation methodology. We then supported the operational deployment of the project within subsidiaries and the Customer Experience Department. In particular, our intervention increased NPS by more than 20 points.