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How to Build an Omnichannel, Customer-Centric Operating Model

We help transform our client’s internal organization and break down silos in order to put customers’ needs at the core of every decision made, so that the client can strive for differentiating value propositions and seamless customer journeys.

 Change the priority structure. We help create a silo-free organization which fosters collaboration and puts the customer first. This requires the implementation of a governance and working methods to move from an internal, skills-focused structure to a client-centric one.


 Develop key competencies. We define a sourcing strategy adapted to all types of skills and consistent with the needs and capacity of the company.


 Allow decision-making processes to be data-driven. We help you integrate customer feedback and behaviors into the decision-making and compensation processess, in order to ensure that everyone’s on board. This approach promotes quick and systematic answers to customers to improve their experience.

Our Work in the Real Estate Sector

Find out how we supported a real estate giant in transforming their organization to better anticipate and meet customer expectations

Given the difficulty for teams to take on board new client promises, to understand the resulting initiatives, and to go beyond organizational silos to deliver them, this real estate giant chose Sia Partners to support them in the transformation of their operating model. We assessed the contribution to the target Customer Experience of 40 existing initiatives, in order to re-prioritize them and identify complementary initiatives to be deployed.