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Electric consumption & production forecast

Use our models and AI databases to industrialize your forecasting models by integrating your business constraints.

Case Study

Use weather forecasts to predict the consumption and production of electricity on the distribution system at different grid meshes in the short and long term.


Our client wishes to strengthen its role as a data operator and is committed to a dynamic of data openness. The aim is to make available analyses such as changes in consumption and production connected to the public distribution network managed by our client or information on the means implemented and the results obtained. In order to integrate renewable energy production into the distribution network, many of our client's internal activities require increasingly efficient forecasting of consumption and energy production on the network.



Electricity consumption in France is highly dependent on temperature, and this is largely due to the widespread use of electric heating in private homes and on the grid.

Our client aims at developing a tool used as an internal reference of energy and meteorological forecast data. This tool ensures the daily availability of energy forecasts for consumption (with a granularity based on the 2200 source stations) and electricity production (the 7700 remote-reading producers: wind farms, photovoltaic farms, cogeneration, etc.) at both local and national levels.

These forecasts, which thus cover several spatial scales, are also divided into different time horizons. This tool provides short-term forecasts (from a few hours up to two weeks), mid-term forecasts (monthly), and long-term forecasts (yearly). 

Key factors

  • Reconstitution of energy flows for each transportation/distribution substation 
  • Calculation of weather forecasts at low spatial and temporal granularity combining 10 weather data sources 
  • Modeling of energy consumption based on temporal, meteorological, and historical consumption variables using Generalized Additive Linear Models (GAM) or decision trees (XGBoost) 
  • Continuous improvement of forecast engine results



  • Hourly processing and tabular integration of weather forecasts 
  • Storage of weather data since 1980
  • National consumption forecasts with an error of 1 to 2%.
  • Consumption forecasts for source stations with an average error of 6 to 7%.


Our teams of Data Science experts will help you in the industrialization of forecasting models. Our multi-sector expertise, particularly in the field of energy, enables us to quickly integrate the associated business constraints. In addition, our data engineers have set up a hosting platform that accelerates the industrialization of data science projects. This accelerator allows us to free ourselves from the constraints of storage or server management. 



Heka is the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence solutions developed by Sia Partners. These advanced Data Science solutions come from years of development experience and support of our customers. Our developed industrial tools and insights allow Sia Partners to address recurring business issues and support value creation across multiple sectors.