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AI for Grid Management & Operations​

AI-driven insights optimize grid management and operations, specializing in portfolio management, demand/response, CT network enhancement, investment optimization, and anomaly detection for reliable grid operations.


Grid management operations benefit greatly from AI-driven insights. We specialize in data-driven network operator portfolio management, optimizing demand/response mechanisms and enhancing CT network management. Our solutions enable medium-term investment optimization, ensuring efficient network connection strategies for renewable energy sources such as SER and Biomethane. Additionally, our AI algorithms excel in anomaly detection, identifying issues such as data quality, leaks, and fraud, thereby ensuring the integrity and reliability of grid operations.

Data-Driven Network Operator Portfolio Management (Demand/Response)

Our AI solutions optimize network operator portfolios by analyzing demand patterns, predicting energy consumption, and optimizing supply-demand balance. By dynamically adjusting energy production and distribution, we ensure reliable and efficient grid operations.

CT Network Management

Leveraging AI, we optimize CT network operations by analyzing data from sensors and smart meters, detecting anomalies, and predicting potential failures. Our solutions enhance grid reliability, reduce downtime, and optimize maintenance schedules.

Medium-Term Investment Optimization

Through advanced analytics and optimization algorithms, we assist grid operators in identifying optimal investment strategies for medium-term infrastructure upgrades. Considering factors such as demand growth, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements, we ensure cost-effective and future-proof investments.

Network Connection (SER, Biomethane)

Our AI solutions optimize network connections for renewable energy sources such as solar energy (SER) and biomethane. By analyzing spatial and temporal data, we identify optimal connection points, minimize grid congestion, and maximize renewable energy integration.

Anomaly Detection (DQ-IT, Leaks, Fraud)

Our AI-driven anomaly detection solutions identify data quality issues, leaks, and fraudulent activity in real-time. By analyzing vast datasets and detecting deviations from normal patterns, we ensure the integrity and security of grid operations.

Use cases

In response to the escalating complexity of managing embedded generation assets and the resulting unpredictability in network operations, our team undertook a project for a major energy player aimed at providing short-term demand and generation forecasts. Understanding the pressing need for enhanced operational insights, we developed a multifaceted approach. This involved meticulously mapping the physical networks to gain a comprehensive understanding of asset distribution. Leveraging advanced analytics, we disaggregated demand and generation load data to facilitate precise forecasting. Customized predictive models were then developed for each network asset to anticipate fluctuations. Finally, we implemented a user-friendly web interface, empowering network operators with real-time monitoring capabilities in the Control Room. This project not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the client for proactive network management, ensuring reliability and stability amidst evolving operational dynamics.

In response to the pressing need to mitigate the risks posed by weather-related faults and optimize operational efficiency, our team devised a multifaceted approach aimed at achieving three key objectives. Firstly, by meticulously categorizing faults and defining triggers, we established a proactive system to anticipate and prevent outages, thereby ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. Secondly, leveraging accurate weather forecasts, we tailored operational team deployment to precise timing, location, and scale, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Lastly, to enhance customer communication and preemptive support, we developed predictive models for fault types based on historical data, alongside a user-friendly interface to alert the control room in real-time. Through this comprehensive strategy, we empowered our client to navigate weather-related challenges adeptly, enabling swift response, proactive management, and ultimately, an increase in customer satisfaction.