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Tech Lab

Convinced that the rise of new technologies is paving the way for a real cognitive revolution and a new competitive environment, Sia Partners’ Tech Lab combines the mastery of technical solutions with the selection of value-added use cases to aid its customers.

  • Disruptive Technologies

    Faithful to its Consulting 4.0 strategy and the development of augmented intelligence, Sia Partners uses a mastery of disruptive technologies to help our clients meet all the challenges of their digital transformation.

  • Advanced AI Technologies

    Our R&D teams work on cutting-edge technologies and imagined use cases with our customers and business teams. These projects result in a catalogue of AI accelerators (solutions, PoCs, data sets) dedicated to accelerating ideation and development.

  • Tech Greenfield

    Our teams support the development of emerging technologies within complex ecosystems, in order to leverage them in process optimization and decision support, which address the diversity of our clients' business domains and transform conventional businesses.