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Business Valuation

Having expertise in the modeling and projection of portfolios, Sia Partners regularly performs valuation assignments such as M&A, ORSA, creation of a business continuity plan or a recovery plan.

In an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment, the valuation of entities and their portfolios is becoming increasingly complex.

Sia Partners assists clients with thier portfolio or entity valuation offer.

We carry out income statement projections, whether for New Business or In Force books. Projection assumptions are established and back-tested against historic data, and the current environment, to ensure the validity of the projections made. Numerous sensitivity tests challenge the feasibility of these results. The results are also commented on to generate KPIs. In this respect, several approaches are considered depending on the context and needs: MCEV, EEV, real-world projection, etc.

We also offer to assist insurers in the implementation of new modeling tools to save calculation time, particularly on ORSA-type issues by automating processes or using proxies.

Merging our actuarial unit with part of the bank team and the Blockchain team has enhanced our financial skills, especially in valuating market entities and managing M&A operations.