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Business & Biodiversity

How and why we act for biodiversity.

Our biodiversity convictions

Thanks to the public debates during COP27, the notion that biodiversity and climate are two faces of the same crisis is gaining traction.  

Natural ecosystems provide key services for climate change mitigation and adaptation, such as carbon sequestration and disaster risk reduction.  

However, as the major effects of climate change are expected to be felt in the next few decades, we are still damaging our ecosystems through land-use change, overexploitation, pollution, and the introduction of invasive species. Companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce their impacts on nature, and at the same time to improve their resilience toward nature change.

Based on our well-known expertise on climate change and the circular economy, we are deploying a systemic approach to lessen your business' double materiality with nature:

  • Evaluate your impacts & dependencies with nature and its ecosystemic services 
  • Identify and prioritize the related risks (physical, transition, systemic) and opportunities (business performance, markets, reputational capital, …)
  • Define key metrics and targets and set up a systemic "nature" action plan, with an emphasis on nature-based solutions
  • Adapt your business governance to integrate nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities

Our conviction is that a systemic "Nature" action plan will allow you to leverage synergies to effectively address all the challenges of the energy and social transition.

Trying to reconnect your business model with nature?  Contact us!

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