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Adapting Organizations and Working Arrangements

Sia Partners has developed a methodical approach to evaluating the entire organizational structure (processes, management, work-life balance, quality of services, resources etc).

Taking a step back allows us to offer our clients adapted solutions, which are ambitious but realistic. Far from just proposing these solutions, our teams work on the front line to help implement the strategies chosen by the client.


National Social Security Fund; Analyzing and Implementing a New Organization

Sia Partners studied the goals and funding capabilities of a National Social Security Fund (head of the group), which allowed an in-depth analysis of their missions and organization. We were thus able to accompany the executive management in defining and putting into place organizational targets, support their vision and strategic ambitions, and focus on efficiency and resource allocation.


Design Thinking and Experimental Design

Sia Partners’ consulting team and sprint designers came together to train local and national actors in workshop facilitation and disruptive design methodologies. These tools allowed them to experiment with online consultations and conduct research into issues such as exchanging equipment within a hospital.