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Innovations from the Nation: a collection of the most impactful innovations in the UAE's public sector

Sia Partners and The Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) map the innovation portfolio of the United Arab Emirates public sector.

In 2019, the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation in the UAE announced the “Innovations from the Nation”, calling all local and federal government entities to share the stories about their latest innovations. With the help of Sia Partners, it was able to collect over 550 submissions from 128 organisations, out of which 25 cases were selected based on novelty, replicability, and impact. These stories were used to create the Innovations From The Nation report in February 2021.

The UAE Government has been able to achieve remarkable results by encouraging the public sector to innovate through various programmes, such as the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation, UAE Strategy for AI, Strategy for the 4th Industrial Revolution and others. Thus, the shortlisted cases display how the government implements digitalization, AI, blockchain, robotics and many others to impact the quality of life, increase productivity and efficiency, and also reduce the impact of negative externalities.

Many other innovations are already set to be implemented in the nearby future. The UAE government is applying more effort to widen the horizons, and Sia Partners is happy to be a strong supporter of growth and innovation in the country.