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The State of Ethical AI in Hong Kong

A deep dive analysis into the current Ethical AI environment in Hong Kong.


This whitepaper adds to the understanding of, and provides valuable contextual information about, the current state of Ethical AI in Hong Kong. A survey was conducted and results augmented via in-depth interviews with several leading figures within the Hong Kong AI industry. The Hong Kong Data Science Society and Sia Partners hope this whitepaper will be a tangible step towards progressing the conversation around an important issue, whilst simultaneously working to produce other frameworks and materials which can be incorporated into day-to-day practices by those applying AI in Hong Kong.

Following the quantitative survey and deep dive interviews conducted from October to December 2020, this paper presents several key themes that contextualise the current state of Ethical AI in Hong Kong. The consensus is that AI Ethics has both a substantial and broad impact on society, and that with ever-increasing AI usage, issues are already manifesting. The deployment of AI technology and awareness of Ethical AI challenges in Hong Kong are eminent, however the understanding of these issues and confidence in tackling them is still relatively low. In discussing potential solutions, a key highlight is the importance of third-party independent bodies and institutions to assist firms in implementing robust practices to address Ethical AI issues, and to mediate between government, regulators and private companies, as a natural next step in the discussion to accelerate maturity. A common, shared and actionable framework to pool Ethical AI actions is missing, and while it is important to address these issues locally, it is even more so given Hong Kong’s unique positioning as a global financial and technology hub.

Replay of Our Ethical AI Webinar with the HKGCC

Watch the replay of our Hong Kong team’s webinar, which took place on 22nd April 2021, organised in collaboration with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Data Science Society.

The webinar includes a presentation of the recently-published Sia Partners and Hong Kong Data Science Society whitepaper "The State of Ethical AI in Hong Kong", and a panel discussion on some of the most pressing questions in Ethical AI today with speakers:

  • Pascale Fung, Professor and Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Stephen Kai Yi Wong, Barrister-at-Law at Gilt Chambers, Ex-Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong
  • Ellen Wu, Chief Information Officer at Manulife-Sinochem Ltd
  • Leroy Yau, Director at ThinkCol Transform Ltd
  • (Panel Chair) Jeremy Fetiveau, Head of the Digital & Data practice at Sia Partners

HKGCC Ethical AI Webinar

Download Whitepaper Now: The State of Ethical AI in Hong Kong


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