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Sia Partners Sponsors Women at the Helm 2024

Sia Partners is a proud sponsor of Women at the Helm 2024.

Event Overview

Sia Partners is proud to sponsor this year's Women at the Helm hosted at the National Yacht Club. The event will include racing as well as other activities both on and off the water. 

Women at the Helm is a sailing regatta that empowers women to helm both dinghies and keelboats, encouraging those who typically serve as crew to take the helm. The event encourages female helms of all ages, from teenagers to seniors to participate. 

What is women at the Helm?

Women At The Helm is a yearly sailing regatta for dinghy and keelboat racing in which all boats are captained by women. The event was created to make female helms the norm and increase female participation and progression in sailing. Women At The Helm encourages women to be in leadership positions on and off the water. The event also motivates women to set an annual sailing goal for example moving from crew to helm.