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Non-Life Insurance Customer Journey benchmark 2023​

The digital revolution has become a cornerstone of the insurance industry.

Consumers are no longer content with conventional approaches; they demand a modern, personalized, and transparent experience. To thrive and survive in this dynamic landscape, insurers must embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, ensuring a seamless digital journey that aligns with the expectations of today's tech-savvy clientele. The future of insurance is digital, and the time to embark on this transformative journey is now.


This year, Sia Partners conducted its third annual global insurance customer journey benchmark, delving into the experiences provided by 112 companies across 13 different countries. The study encompassed both home and car insurance, exploring a total of 259 individual customer journeys on a mobile phone through an application and/or webpage, if available.

The benchmark employed a methodology based on a scoring of 50+ criteria related to five crucial stages of the customer journey. These criteria covered functionalities during the information-gathering phase, the simulation, price quotation, online subscription and claims management, as well as the user experience. Key topics evaluated included accessibility, transparency, privacy and flexibility, aiming to assess which insurers offer the best end-to-end frictionless digital customer journey.

Global Results

Maintaining its ‘best of the world’ status from last year, the Netherlands emerged as the leader in providing the most advanced digital customer journeys. This year marked the inclusion of the United Kingdom, securing an impressive second place globally. Both countries showcased remarkable consistency in delivering high-quality digital experiences, with a minimal presence of companies offering a poor digital experience.

This contrasts with Belgium, France, Ireland, and the United States, also called the digital followers, where companies displayed a spectrum of performance, ranging from excellent to poor, bringing down the average of the country. In this group of followers, we also find Australia and the Middle East (for which companies from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were benchmarked). Both have been benchmarked for the first time this year and have a similar spread of companies as the other digital followers.

Other countries on the list are Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and Singapore, which we see lagging behind.

Best Practices

The benchmark revealed several best practices to enhance the digital customer journey, including:

  • Providing concise and straightforward information about products and options, allowing customers to access detailed information as needed.
  • Enhancing price simulation by incorporating clear tables comparing different coverages and corresponding prices.
  • Offering a transparent and easily understandable explanation of the claims process alongside the possibility to declare and follow up on a claim.
  • Utilizing simple language to make insurance easily comprehensible for all people, striking a balance between brevity, simplicity and completeness.

How Sia Partners can help?

Leveraging the comprehensive insights gained from this benchmark, Sia Partners stands ready to provide invaluable assistance to insurers. With an exhaustive view of the digital customer journey landscape globally, current trends, future projections, and evolving customer expectations, Sia Partners is a trusted ally in guiding businesses towards continuous improvement in their customer journeys. Our end-to-end assistance is tailored to help businesses navigate the evolving digital realm of insurance effectively.

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