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APAC IBOR Transition Benchmarking Study

Where do we stand now in Asia?

APAC IBOR Transition Benchmarking Study

We are very pleased to share with you our APAC IBOR Benchmarking Study conducted by Sia Partners earlier this year amongst Asian and global market players.

The study provides holistic insights into the progress of the transition from IBORs to alternative reference rates in the region and explores the key challenges faced by market participants as we edge closer to the transition deadlines. The report also gives you some guidance regarding the latest regulatory developments in 10 Asian jurisdictions, based on Sia Partners' research and participation in industry working groups.

Our detailed survey findings are articulated around 5 key areas of the benchmark reform: 

1.      Transition organization and governance: how institutions are organising their IBOR transition process

2.      Regulatory initiatives and litigation: how institutions engage with the regulator and prepare for regulatory scrutiny related to the transition; what are their approaches to communicating with customers and tigating disputes and litigation risks

3.      Operations and systems: what is the current institutions’ level of operational and technology preparedness

4.      Risk management and modelling: what are the progress and challenges in updating risk management processes

5.      Contract inventory and remediation: how institutions are inventorying their legacy contracts

The detailed survey findings in section 4 of our report are only accessible to participating institutions, please reach out to us if you would like to participate in our study or know more about our IBOR transition offering.