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A Practical Guide to PPAs

Take a step into the world of Power Purchase Agreements.

Explore the future of renewable energy with our Practical Guide. Based on a collaborative approach between our international offices, this guide provides the keys to successfully navigating the emerging landscape of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), the renewable electricity purchase contracts that support the energy transition while enabling consumers to control their long-term energy costs. 

PPAs and long-term low-carbon sourcing in a world of transitions

In an ever-changing economic landscape, PPAs are emerging as essential and innovative tools for consumers seeking to reconcile competitiveness and environmental responsibility

These contracts offer the possibility of better risk management by securing part of the energy supply over the long term. They enable you to benefit from the emission reduction advantages of a renewable energy production asset while avoiding the heavy investment traditionally associated with it.  

So, whether you're a large company, an SME or a local authority looking to reduce your carbon footprint or control your energy costs, long-term supply contracts provide a tangible solution to your goals. 

What's more, PPA contracts enable businesses and local authorities to participate in the financing of new renewable production resources, and thus play an active role in the energy transition.  

Different perspectives for a greener supply thanks to PPAs

This guide was initially published in French with Alterna énergie, a French gas and electricity supplier. In response to the enthusiasm generated by this first version, we have collaborated with several Sia Partners offices (France, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Canada) to provide practical information on PPAs in a new and updated English version: 

  • What are the different types of PPA and their main characteristics?   

  • How should they be structured and at what price

  • What is the current state of PPA markets in Europe and North America

  • What are the main advantages and disadvantages of PPAs?  

  • What steps should you take to ensure the success of your PPA? 

With international perspectives from Sia Partners on the supply of electricity by PPAs, as well as practical advice from experts, this guide is an essential reference for developing a resilient and effective energy strategy. Read on to foster responsible and sustainable growth for your company. 

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