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Located in Downtown Houston, Sia Partners has been serving the Houston market since 2014. Often considered the “Energy Capital of the World,” Houston was the city where Sia Partners established its North American headquarters for Energy Services. Our office supports a wide array of industries from oil and gas to healthcare through business transformation, data science, and process optimization services.

Sia Houston is home to a world-class team that brings with them a wealth of experience and high-quality, customer-centered service. As part of a global network of consultants, our capabilities and expertise transcend borders. Sia Partners ensures that a diverse set of tested solutions are readily available for implementation.

Delivering for our clients today and for the future is at the heart of our work. Through Sia Partners’ Next-Generation operating model, our team focuses on building relationships that lead to a shared understanding of our client’s culture and their unique business needs. It is in this manner that we help our clients realize key objectives and improved business performance.

Our Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that allows computer software robots to perform the back-office tasks of a human worker. RPA robots are efficient, highly scalable, and available 24/7 to perform mundane repetitive tasks. By implementing RPA software, organizations can increase operational efficiency, improve employee productivity and flexibility, and realize increased cost savings.

Sia Partners assists companies throughout all stages of RPA projects, from the development of their automation strategy and vision to the deployment of their automation solutions.

Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

  • Hybrid team of technical, industry, and functional specialists
  • Independent from vendors
  • Robust methodologies and experience in process mapping and business case development
  • Extensive track record in large scale program deployment
  • Systematic process identification methodologies
  • Center of Excellence implementation
  • RPA Training



  • Healthcare – Developed a proof of value (POV) for a complaint management process
  • Finance & Investment Banking – Automated creation of loan agreement process
  • Energy – Automated compliance reporting for drilling operations
  • Energy – Automated the authorization for expenditure process
  • Energy – Automated casing design analysis for drilling operations
  • Energy – Automated supply and trading process

Climate issues are the most pressing crises we face this century, requiring a transformation of the entire energy sector. From renewable energy production to new low-carbon measures, we assist players from all sectors in defining, deploying and managing their energy transformation.

Sia Partners has worked with actors across the world to navigate the rise of ESGs for investors, the energy transition for Oil & Gas companies or the transformation of utilities. We can support you in navigating the current energy environment in the following areas: strategy, operations, and digital.

Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

  • Leader at the forefront of the Energy Transition with the Climate Analysis Center
  • Diverse team of Oil & Gas and Power & Utilities management consultants
  • Robust methodologies and offerings tested in North America
  • Expertise in emerging technologies such as EVs, Crypto-mining, AI and Smart Grids



  • Oil & Gas – Support in entering the electricity Retail Market 
  • Gas Network Operator – Hydrogen Strategy Consolidation 
  • Industrial Energy – Hydrogen Market Assessment 
  • Investment Bank – EV Charging Station Market Study
  • Utilities – New Energy Services Study

The Oil & Gas industry is evolving at a rapid pace and is looking for new ways to reach climate goals while stabilizing revenues. New streams of revenue have emerged in the past few years, such as renewables, crypto-mining, hydrogen, etc.

However, diversification can be risky for Oil & Gas companies, as new revenue streams often require new expertise to be explored and deliver a similar level of profitability.

Sia Partners will help you develop advanced alternative revenue streams that make sense in your context, while securing their profitability and contribution to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

  • Hybrid team of technical, industry, and functional specialists
  • Independent from vendors
  • Robust methodologies and experience in business case development and experimentation of new business models through PoC and MVPs
  • International presence facilitating benchmarking of new revenue streams in key locations
  • In-house models to forecast revenues and profitability of new business models
  • Experience in organizational design and support during the launch of a new activity in multiple industries



  • Oil & Gas – Support to build a strategic partnership between an energy provider and a crypto-miner for electricity supply
  • Oil & Gas – Design of the business model and technical aspects of a mining farm
  • Utilities – Benchmark of blockchain and crypto-currency projects
  • Industrial – Hydrogen Market Assessment


The Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) process is the primary cost control method for capital projects in which energy companies create and approve project funding proposals and allocate capital from the board-approved budget. Clients have expressed that the current AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) process is fractured, leading to inaccurate cost estimates and unsubstantiated strategic decisions. Inaccurate AFEs aren’t a single project problem, it’s an enterprise-wide budgeting issue. 

Sia Partners has developed a comprehensive AFE Transformation service offering to help our clients install dynamic capital discipline and evidence-based decision-making into their AFE Process to improve project budgeting accuracy & forecasting capabilities.

Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

    • Comprehensive AFE Transformation service offering for management, engineering, and accounting
    • Extensive process analysis and redesign capabilities
    • Engineering line item and general ledger code mapping methodology
    • Bespoke AFE template and report design
    • Industry, functional, and technical expertise



      • Oil & Gas – Developed front-end strategy and functional design for a global AFE Dashboard that required special AFE formats to be produced based on local regulations, accounting structures, and management needs
      • Oil & Gas – Led AFE Transformation for $4B upstream CapEx program, including automation of workflow, data flow, and SAP project setup for cost tracking

      Utilities are faced with both increasing energy demands across the country, as well as the growing complexity in managing electricity systems. Transition towards smarter planning and operations help solve the ‘Energy trilemma’ – affordability, energy security and environmental sustainability. 

      Sia Partners helps energy companies transition towards smarter operations by utilizing Data Science capabilities in solving complex network operations, network planning, customer services, and finance function challenges.

      Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

      • Excellence Centers in Europe and North America
      • AI-driven accelerators: algorithms, AI models and data sets stemming from our R&D activities to meet our clients' evolving challenges
      • Data Strategy and Governance: aligning the data office with commercial strategy
      • Data Science and IA: addressing the challenges of our customers by assisting with our Data Science experts and data accelerators
      • Data Visualization and BI: converge intelligence data and user experience to measure, manage and understand
      • Data Technologies and Implementation: implementing technologies to allow Data teams to deploy, execute and scale their models in production



      • Energy –  Data and AI roadmap development
      • Environmental Services – Definition and implementation of a data governance strategy
      • Government –  Design and implementation of a data platform

          Quantum annealing (Digital Annealer) is a quantum computing method used to find the optimal solution of problems involving a large number of solutions. It is specifically designed to solve optimization problems.

          Utilizing quantum annealing, Sia Partners will help you realize bottom-line driving benefits by optimizing thousands of variables by developing business-transforming solutions that optimize complex issues that can’t be solved through traditional computing methods.

          Where Sia Partners Adds Value?

          • Identification and development of high-value applications for Quantum Computing Technology
          • A Quantum Lab and partner ecosystem that help our clients experiment with and build Quantum capabilities
          • Support in building scalable and commercially viable value propositions with novel technology



          • Information and communications technology – Developed global growth strategy and go-to market initiative for world’s first quantum inspired technology
          • Software – Developed business case to give national decision makers a clear understanding of the value that can be captured and the route to scale quantum technology

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