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Sia Partners Opens its Fifth Data Science Center of Service in New York

Press Release – April 2021

We are convinced that AI is a pillar of the new generation of consulting. In 2017, Sia Partners developed the concept of Consulting 4.0 which combines business expertise with high-level artificial intelligence.

In less than 4 years, we have developed a global team of 150 talents (including data scientists, data engineers, web developers, UI UX designers...), spread over four centers (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Montreal).

The purpose of these AI Centers is both to develop Data Science services for our customers in a hybrid way, and to accelerate the deployment of Heka, our ecosystem of AI solutions. Heka includes more than 120 AI solutions (data sets, APIs, pre-industrialized solutions...) and 8 SaaS products, which are hosted on our own platform.

"The rapid growth of our business - over 50% each year - is based on three pillars: blending consulting and data science, augmented consulting, and the deployment of our solutions, as part of client missions or in the form of a user license. Each AI Center is able to deploy the entire range of our services, thanks to our readily available AI solutions. We are aiming for a turnover of over €30m for the current year, and expect an increase of 50% next year." explains David Martineau.

"The strong demand from American clients, whether in the banking, tech, or consumer industries, means that we need to ensure closer proximity. We will leverage our established team in Montreal to develop our US center between New York and the Bay Area. We already have a team of about 20 people who can be mobilized on-site, which will be necessary in a post-covid world." says Dan Connor, CEO of Sia Partners US.

The opening of our first US AI Center will also allow us to rapidly develop existing and future technology partnerships. The goal is to reach a size of 200 data specialists by the end of 2021 and to represent slightly less than 10% of Sia Partners' total revenue.