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Sia Partners launches SiaGPT Next

With SiaGPT Next, transform your business and maximize the return on your investments with Generative AI.

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Following the release of SiaGPT in June 2023, just over one year later, Sia Partners is proud to announce the release of SiaGPT Next.

SiaGPT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool designed to leverage internal efficiency and collaboration. It combines the power of a search engine with data extraction to leverage the full range of Sia Partners' intellectual property.


With this new evolution of the tool, SiaGPT Next, we utilize a multi-LLM approach to offer new functionalities around content generation.

Generative AI at the click of a button 

SiaGPT Next revolutionizes the use of AI-generated content. Deployable at the click of a button, the solution allows you to exploit the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLM), thanks to a host of intelligent features. You can now create advanced AI assistants, capable of performing expert tasks with a multi-LLM approach, the tool offers pre-and post-processing, constraint management to minimize hallucinations, orchestration of complex operations, and more.

SiaGPT Next integrates generative AI at the heart of your business processes, guaranteeing a tangible return on investment. 

A Leading Gen AI Use Case Studio

SiaGPT Next stands out for its collaborative studio of use cases, organized into business universes, adapted to various sectors. Ready to deploy. 

Upon deployment, SiaGPT Next can be used to acculturate and train your teams in generative AI, facilitate its adoption, unleash creativity to rapidly generate innovative ideas, and deploy them at scale. 

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