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Sia Partners Becomes Headline Partner for Ireland INC

Sia Partners will be collaborating with Business & Finance as Headline Partner for Ireland INC in 2023.

Ireland INC

Ireland INC maximises the commercial potential of Irish businesses across the US by partnering with a number of US private sector networks and government agencies along with Irish counterparts. Ireland INC also provides a platform for Irish businesses and amplifies Irish investment across the United States. Irish businesses play a huge role in the US market with Ireland being the 9th largest foreign direct investor in the country and Irish FDI estimated to value at $240 billion. Ian Hyland, Founder & President of Ireland INC commented “Despite the unprecedented challenges of the past two years, Irish businesses have not only survived but thrived, expanding their investment footprint across the United States.”

Irish Foreign Direct Investment continues to contribute to a range of industries including construction, food, life sciences, software, ICT, and business services across the US. Irish-owned companies are also in almost 2,200 locations across the US with 100,000 US workers being employed by US affiliates of Irish-owned firms. 

Our Partnership

Sia Partners is proud to be partnering with Ireland INC in 2023 as they organise a number of events across Ireland and the US to celebrate and showcase the success of Irish-born companies operating in the US. David Cass, Partner, UK & Ireland, Sia Partners said: “[We are] delighted to collaborate with Business & Finance as Headline Partner for Ireland INC in 2023. Ireland INC celebrates successful Irish businesses operating in the US where Ireland is now the 9th largest foreign direct investor into the US. Through a series of events in the US and Ireland, Ireland INC will showcase the strong business ties and the success that Irish born companies are having in the US." 

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