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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Procurement & Sourcing


Procurement costs weigh significantly on the competitiveness of a company, regardless of the industry in which it operates: lack of investment in procurement equates to reduction of value. Investment involves more than numbers; it is about extending the scope of procurement from price cutting to challenging needs and consumption patterns, from negotiating to managing the preferred supplier panel. Procurement strategies must include innovative solutions that match business expectations and TCO optimization.

Sia Partners assists its clients in improving a procurement footprint and efficiency all along the value chain, empowering suppliers and using CSR as an additional savings enabler through the following:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Business process optimization
  • Total cost reduction plan 
  • Supplier relationship management

With a combination of strong procurement and supply market expertise, procurement and sourcing consultants leverage their clients’ know-how, regardless of the category. Our integrated model allows several teams from different countries and practices to work together on the same project for our international clients.

Sia Partners has developed strong competencies in lean procurement, procurement team development, category management, complex RFP management and redesign-to-cost or sustainable procurement. Sia Partners is also recognized as a leading consulting company by chief procurement officers and their clients in both direct and indirect procurement categories.


Developing procurement teams

Increasing pressure on costs, new challenges and fluctuating markets place increasing pressure on purchasers. They must acquire extra skills within a limited timeframe. Sia Partners creates digital teaching programs that offer an opportunity to access knowledge anywhere, anytime, and duplicate it with internal mentors, thus reducing total costs.

case study

Sia Partners implemented the mutualisation and digitalisation of a training manual for a leading oil and gas company. The project included the creation of an induction e-module as well as the design of the training manual for 11 core procurement skills.

Turning CSR into cost efficiency

CSR integration in procurement might seem paradoxical: how would an additional constraint facilitate cost efficiency?  It actually works: CSR compels buyers, their internal customers and suppliers to think outside the box. Sia Partners has developed a comprehensive toolkit which includes 30+ category guides, a TCO calculator and a cross-industry supplier risk assessment database.

case study

Sia Partners accompanied a bank in the regeneration of its  procurement strategy combining CSR and cost performance. The project included a comprehensive diagnosis and the operational support to implement action plans to deliver over 7% savings.

Analyzing value

Managing capex involves many actors within the company. Each stakeholder takes a reasonable margin of security, which results in   cost accumulations. A transversal communication based on value analysis supported by an exhaustive and analytical approach provides a set of quantified cost reduction opportunities. Relevant information is then available for the decision maker to make a selection from scenarios ranging from conservative to those that offer a breakthrough.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a large company in the defence sector in reducing the cost of a complex system by 12%, with the involvement of the Technical Department and a strong contribution from the supply partner.

Diffusion of Lean Methodology on P2P

The Purchase to Pay (P2P) process involves many actors (operational, purchasing, procurement, accounting). Small failures at one stage of the process, such as missing information, can either put the company at risk or lead to unacceptable delays in paying suppliers, thus putting a strain on the relationship. Since nobody assumes responsibility, this frequently degenerates into a relentless “passing of the buck”. Our Lean Methodology-based approach empowers process owners and is the catalyst for continuous improvement.

case study

Utilising Lean Methodology, Sia Partners helped a large company in the defence sector to reduce by 3 the number of Failed on Due Date (FDD) invoices.

Delivering savings

Companies encounter difficulties in building and implementing sourcing strategies due to lack of resources or expertise. Thanks to our internal know-how, and where relevant the support of our experts, we deliver sound strategies, challenging convictions and collaborating. We then set the entire organization in motion to generate sustainable savings.

case study

Sia Partners accompanied a global actor in the utility sector in defining and implementing its purchasing strategy for civil works. Due to the decentralised environment (35 centres), we implemented an “on-site” approach involving and supporting Project Managers. We generated savings of more than 10%.

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