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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Marketing & Customer Experience

Sia Partners dedicate a team of experts to assist companies in the definition of marketing strategies and differentiated customer experiences, to adapt to constantly evolving customers expectations and to the digitalization of consumption habits.

The customer experience should be coherent with company promises and meet evolving customers requirements. This forces companies to reinvent marketing, sales and customer service through “customer centric” projects and to introduce innovating steps in customer journey in line with new behaviors. The final objective is to deliver simple, seamless and memorable experiences to the customers to gain their trust and recommendation.

Sia Partners experts assist companies and administrations in the successful transformation of their customer experience to respond to customer satisfaction, operational effectiveness and differentiation stakes. Our team brings depth of experience in the following areas of customer experience, from a customer-centric strategy to marketing design, customer journey definition, sales efficiency plan or CRM implementation.

Our team assists Executive Management, Marketing direction, Sales direction or Customer Care direction in the following activities : 

Customer centric strategies

  • Definition of innovative customer segmentation based on our Data science expertise
  • Definition of company’s promise and customer values
  • Customer centric culture: commercial position and customer strategy definition  in line with the company’s promise and values
  • Omni-channel & phygital strategies
  • Personalized marketing offers consistents with customers and prospects needs
  • Definition and reduction of the time to market for new offers, services, and products.

Innovative customer marketing programs

  • Customer lifecycle personalization, marketing plans per customer segment
  • Loyalty programs: new models of customer engagement, digitalization of loyalty programs

Transforming customer journeys

  • Omni channel interactions model B2B and B2C.
  • Social listening, “voice of the customer” programs: customer observation and understanding, continuous improvement program for customer satisfaction improvement
  • Moment of truth and pain points identification
  • Process digitalization: design and adjustment of digital journeys

Digital marketing

  • Digital strategy: e-commerce, client portal and/or self-care
  • Digital strategy optimization: acquisition, activation, retention, recommendation)
  • Trafic Acquisition and activation (SEO, SEA, TTR, UX…)
  • Social network stratégy & customer engagement
  • Digital analytics & Cockpits: analytics, tagging, KPIs

Data activation, personalization and anticipation of customer needs

  • Customer knowledge strategy: 360 vision, segmentation, profiling, targeting…
  • Customer data platforms: thorough data collection and analysis (CRM, DMP, MDM, Datalake, Analytics)

CRM and digital tools framework and implementation

  • Digital strategy: website reorganization, customer portals, self-care, social networks
  • Industrialization and automation (BOT, RPA) of omni channel and cross channel customer interactions.
  • Omni Channel and cross-channel strategies
  • Digital channels : chat, chatbot, virtual agents, IA, mobile applications
  • CRM tools : sales, campaign management, customer service, loyalty

Sales performance

  • Sales and customer service operational model
  • Pricing and margin optimization
  • Sales journey optimization
  • Customer relation centers optimization and process automatization
  • Sales channel efficiency (human & digital) for B2B and B2C businesses

Define customer strategies

In an ever-changing environment, the traditional approach to gaining and keeping customers is no longer sufficient. Sia Partners helps companies from strategic framing to design/development of customer strategies around the key pillars:

  • Customer vision and positioning
  • Customer benefits, values and promise
  • Singular customer experience
  • Employee experience
  • Customer experience roadmaps
case study

For a public transportation company, Sia Partners defined the project scope and the roadmap for building a customer strategy. By improving the overall multimodal transportation experience, we helped the client provide higher customer satisfaction. Our team also conducted related projects, to offer differentiated services for 4 million customers, and developed real time mobile and direct communication adapted to customer habits. 

Lead customer centric projects

In today’s competitive landscape, customer insight is key to build and maintain a strong relationship between business and customer. By knowing the customers inside and out, companies can deliver information with a personal, relevant and timely approach. We help companies build a 360° customer view, define the priority use cases, and understand their customers’ needs and behaviors. 

case study

For a business and leisure transportation company, Sia Partners led a multi-organizational project to build a 360° customer view database (20 million customers) and to build employee and customer tools for them to access to the centralized and unique customer vision. 

Build customer marketing programs

Relationship marketing strategies focus on the lifetime relationship with each customer. We help companies build a consistent customer experience by getting their organizations aligned across all touch points. This marketing strategy should enable the company to reach the business objectives and the customers to receive value added information. 

case study

For a health care company, Sia Partners developed a relationship marketing plan based on the customers’ lifecycle. Our team assisted the marketing department in developing a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers by delivering the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Redefine employee and customer relations

As customer strategies are set in motion, internal organizations must also transform to meet the evolving customer requirements. With Sia Partners’ expertise in change management, we align marketing and RH departments and help organizations match the company’s culture with their customer strategy.

case study

For a retail company our team led a transformation project to empower employees with new digital tools, building a stronger and more authentic relationship with the customers across different touchpoints. 

Establish Phygital strategies

Phygital consists of effectively integrating the assets of digital world and digital strategy into physical world and vice versa. Sia Partners helps companies to define strategies on the less developed channel in line with the experience on the existing distribution and relation channels. 

case study

For an ecommerce actor, Sia Partners helped define the physical implantation strategy in line with the existing digital strategy.  The objective was not to transpose the existing digital strategy but to create a physical experience consistent with the brand’s promise. This can lead to the expansion of the activity or even the creation of a new business.

Conduct CRM agile projects

Sia Partners manages small and multinational businesses (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) in CRM implementation (marketing, sales, after sale services). : from the functional needs definition and prioritization to the end users deployment We use Agile method to ensure both project quality, time efficiency, and cost controls.

case study

Sia Partners assisted the first European actor in the personal care industry in defining functional requirements in order to implement an adapted CRM software. The project was conducted using the Agile method and concerned 4 businesses in more than 10 countries. 

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