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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Growth & Innovation

Today, companies in all sectors are impacted by major transformations. These transformations are due to new technologies, the data revolution, new business models such as circular economy and new customers approaches. These transformations are the source of many strategic thinking within companies, with the aim of identifying new opportunities and capturing some of the value they generate. We work on a daily basis with C- suite executives, corporate ventures and all the teams involved in transforming opportunities: marketing, data/digital, R&D, …

Sia Partners makes it possible to address these topics end-to-end in a short time by

  • Identifying your next disruptive opportunities,
  • Developing new products/services to create real business value,
  • Accelerating the GoToMarket phase of products/services,
  • Embedding innovation by structuring the innovation process and supporting cultural change,

Thanks to Sia Partners’ international footprint, the Growth & Innovation practice is strategically located in all major cities (Paris, Amsterdam, London, Seattle, Hong-kong, Dubai, etc.) and our integrated model allows our teams from different countries to easily work together.

We base our success upon four pillars :

  • Our consultant profiles composed of senior consultants, most of them having previous experience as entrepreneurs,
  • Our client-centric obsession,
  • An open and collaborative approach,
  • A mindset focused on “minimum viable business” right from the beginning.

Explore future opportunities in the market

We provide our clients with a view of market trends/changes that may cause disruption in their line of business, and help them make enlighten decisions to direct future investment in more transformative innovation. We constantly assess the delta between existing assets and requirements to deliver customer/market needs

case study

Sia Partners assisted a major European energy company in the identification of opportunities related to artificial intelligence on non-energetic topics. We also identified potential partners and we framed two POC.

Route to scale

We help our clients in designing a smarter, faster way to get products and services into the hands of their customers by exploring new sales channels, identifiying plateform partners, or reinventing the distribution model.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a major IT company on his strategic roadmap for growth and development on a technology related to Quantum Computing. We worked on the identification and prioritization of value-added market, Go-to-market strategy and POC.

Build the right culture, organization and operations to make innovation a success

We help our clients secure the impacts of their innovation efforts through different organization and culture adjustments, such as : ensuring that operational functions within the business can be flexible to help innovation thrive; building an organizational structure that allows non-traditional combinations of teams to work together, and drive a culture that incentivizes moving beyond; all without distracting and disrupting business as usual growth

case study

Sia Partners assisted a major European energy company in structuring his open-innovation initiative and implementing the participative innovation platform.

Build a bespoke innovation capability and define KPIs to measure success

We build with our clients the right innovation capability, tailored to their needs, priorities and budget. This requires defining the goals for innovation – incremental vs transformational; building and sharing the KPIs that will be used to validate outcomes and how they will be used to incentivize the business recognizing that they will be different for BAU

case study

Sia Partners helped a historic tech firm redefine its innovation approach through a benchmark, an assessment of its innovation ambitions, an audit of its current processes and structures and the identification of five core business dimensions around innovation

Identify existing innovation to support and scale

For clients relatively mature in the innovation cycle, we can put in place internal processes to assess existing activity and identify which innovative projects should be stopped or extended to wider areas; audit innovation capabilities to determine whether innovation should remain within business units or be incubated in dedicated teams; define the synergies available and required.

case study

Sia Partners works for a major international bank on the Future Global Data Framework. New holistic information built from data is vital to success in mobile-centred digital banking, although poorly exploited today. We built a new strategic vision for data as a key strategic asset and a critical enabler across all products and markets.

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