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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



CIO Advisory


Global IT spending is increasing every year as digital transformation is spreading. IT budget allocation and steering is now key for large caps. CIOs are no longer merely service providers, but have to act as strategic partners. Whereas IT Departments remain an effective lever for business efficiency improvement, CIOs must go further and take risks in order to create value. At the same time, IT ecosystem complexity is increasing. The hype curve is promising, bringing in new players. Can we be leaders and implement new state-of-the-art solutions?

Our CIO Advisory practice focuses on helping CIOs in corporate functions and their specific departments: IS Strategy, IT provider management, business management, and innovation for both build and run activities. In addition, this practice can help key IT sponsors within business units, local IT departments and/or IT services in other corporate functions such as finance, HR and procurement. CIOs: we can help speed up your transformation to keep up with the fast-changing environment!

Sia Partners helps its clients to cope with these trends and challenges, providing full and proven expertise on key practices in the following fields:

  • Governance and IS Strategy
  • IT Innovation
  • IT Efficiency and Security
  • IT Project Assessment and Monitoring
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • IT HR Management

Sia Partners provides its clients with a unique network of companies in France and abroad, sharing experiences, best practices and guidelines on several topics. Regular Sia Partners events and seminars contribute to the development of a strong corporate community and a truly competitive advantage for our clients.

Governance and IS Strategy

Sia Partners offers a dedicated approach to IT performance, including sourcing strategy and IT transformation planning, business cases and roadmaps. Sia Partners supports companies in defining and deploying IS Master Plans, IT urbanization plans and the IT Management Control function. We help our clients in providing benchmarks and best practices based on industry standards (ITIL, CobiT, ValiT, …).

case study

Sia Partners helped a Major International Transport company in reviewing its IS strategy, deploying the new group’s IS outsourcing contract (50% reduction in RUN) and industrializing IT processes.

IT Project Assessment and Monitoring

Sia Partners supports its clients by diagnosing and rationalizing their IT projects portfolio, focusing on value-driven analysis, ROI evaluation and TCO assessment. We help companies define and deploy project management methodologies (traditional, agile, etc.), including change management programs and tailor-made training.



case study

Sia Partners helped an IT company to process a Lean IT approach. The project included visual management workshops and KPI definition in order to activate key process optimization levers.

IT HR Management

Through collaboration and synergies with our HR management team, Sia Partners helps CIOs set up and deploy Job and Competency Planning solutions according to industry standards (CIGREF, RIM, …). We support HR in IT transformation programs (M&A, externalization, reorganization), including the social management of the IT function.



case study

Sia Partners helped a top financial institution to improve its IS organization and to increase client satisfaction (both internal and external). Through this approach, all competencies of internal and/or external resources were evaluated in order to redesign the IS organization and position experts and managers at the right level and in the right domain.

IT innovation

We provide our clients with studies and benchmarks on new business models and technologies (cloud, Big Data, M2M, Open Source, …), and the evolution of software solutions (HR, Finance, Sourcing, Supply Chain). By assessing the “digital impact” on management and analyzing mobility and new workplace strategies, we help companies deploy new methodologies (agile, scrum) using collaborative approaches.

case study

Sia Partners helped a Utilities company to select a Big Data technology in order to fulfill distinct Business Intelligence needs & merge various solutions across the Group.

IT Efficiency and Security

We help clients to improve the IT performance of their support and service contracts (SLA, SLM) especially in the externalization approach. Sia Partners is able to define and deploy IS Security strategies, and assess IT service and data architecture quality based on industry standards, such as ITIL, Six Sigma and Lean management. We also support clients in assessing their industrial models (IT value chain, SaaS).

case study

Sia Partners helped an IT company to process a Lean IT approach. The project included visual management workshops and KPI definition in order to activate key process optimization levers.

IT Cost Optimization

Sia Partners has developed experience in the IT cost optimization practice over a number of years, in particular in Software Asset Management. We help our clients optimize their IT assets (including hardware, applications and OS) by identifying cost reduction opportunities, developing dedicated business cases and roadmaps. We assist in the review of their sourcing and procurement processes, based on industry best practices.

case study

Sia Partners helped several large corporations in the Energy and Transport sector to reduce their software license costs, by a introducing structured Software Asset Management approach.

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