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Energy, Resources & Utilities


The global energy, resources and utilities sectors are experiencing significant change.  Gas is replacing oil as the dominant global fuel source, climate change and environmental concerns are leading the growth of low carbon and renewables technologies and rising domestic and industrial energy prices are creating economic and political implications in many countries.  Energy companies, utilities, business and consumers are all directly impacted by these changes and face both challenges and opportunities in the future.

With our deep expertise in the power, oil, gas, water and waste management sectors, we work with our clients to help address their challenges.  We assist energy and utilities sector participants with a range of specific operational and advisory services including:

  • Operational change and performance improvement
  • Business transformation
  • Regulatory guidance, in particular the impact of regulatory change
  • Strategy and market analysis, in particular for investment opportunities and for the development of new growth strategies
  • Technological innovation

With over 15 years of experience and offices worldwide, Sia Partners has positioned itself among the key independent consulting firms in the energy and environment sector.

To share our passion, and help you to better understand and analyze the Energy sector, Sia Partners has created a dedicated blog: http://energy.sia-partners.com/. This blog is managed and updated on a regular basis by our team of consultants.


Operational change and performance improvement

Confronted with increasing competition and a need for cost reduction, energy companies are aiming at operational optimization through a review of their processes and tools. Sia Partners provides guidance to ensure successful implementation and to reach operational efficiency targets.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a major European utility in the assessment of its existing processes and in the description of the target processes for its costing, load forecasting and sourcing activities, to come up with detailed functional requirements for a new tool.

Regulatory guidance

Regulatory authorities have significantly reshaped the sector in the past decade. Liberalisation, creation of CO2 markets and incentives for low carbon energy have completely transformed the business models of Utilities. With its understanding of the new energy market, Sia Partners offers advice to regulators and those operating in regulated markets.

case study

Sia Partners assessed the risks and impacts in the pre-merger phase and determined the capacity for both entities to create synergies. Sia Partners was the architect of the post mergers new sourcing procedures.

Business transformation

The evolution of the energy market has led to radical changes: separation of monopolistic and vertically integrated national companies, diversification of activities as well as the emergence of new players. Energy companies face increasing structural change and transformation. Sia Partners provides guidance on these issues, by using our knowledge of the energy sector and our experience in change management.

case study

Sia Partners provided a study to a major French Utility on the NOME legislation, describing how the French historical nuclear energy should be shared among the utilities, and ensured the steering of the project to comply with the legislation.

Strategy and market analysis

The evolving energy market presents new opportunities for acquisition and growth. Understanding the market and developing the right strategy is vitally important to ensuring a good return and maintaining competitive advantage. With our extensive market modelling capability and strategic knowledge of the energy market and its new trends, we at Sia Partners advise our clients from the initial assessment to through implementation and beyond.

case study

Sia Partners investigated the potential for a US-based company to enter the European demand response market.

Technology innovation

Environmental concerns and increased competition catalyze innovation in the energy sector. Renewable energy integration, new commodity production techniques such as shale oil and gas, smart-meter implementation and demand-side management are some of the challenges that the energy sector is facing. Sia Partners’ experts have both the understanding of the science and technology behind these breakthroughs as well as the operational experience to fully advise clients.

case study

Sia Partners was in charge of steering the project of deployment of smart meters in France, accompanying the national Distribution System Operator.

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