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Studio is a Paris based investment fund launched in 2017 to finance fast growing tech companies with a focus on B2B tech startups.

Studio is a Paris based investment fund launched in 2017 to finance fast growing tech companies with a focus on B2B tech startups. The startups are supported by the Studio team but also by a large network of consultants from all our offices. Each collaboration is build around a strong strategic partnership, in order to make the startup benefit as much as possible from Sia Partners' commercial network. 


Target startups

Studio is constantly looking for B2B startups and founders who are obsessed with the success of their business and who bring real disruptive technologies.   

Studio is dedicated to startups from Seed to Series A in France

  • with a strong ambition for French and international development 
  • with the ambition and the capacity to address key accounts 
  • with the ability to create synergies with consulting professions (strategy consulting, management, data science consulting, project support, digital projects, communications agency...).  

Investment & support conditions

Studio invests tickets between €300 000 and €500 000 alongside other investors. Studio goes beyond cash support by offering strategic, operational and business support.

Having Studio as a board member is to ensure :

  • the support of the entire firm
  • a tailor-made support according to your needs (strategic, operational, business ...)
  • access to a network of partners and clients
  • the opportunity to collaborate with consultants closest to the issues of key accounts (sectorial and functional expertise)
  • a collaborative mindset within the group and with other Studio startups.

We are able to position ourselves quickly in your investment process, allowing you to close your fundraising quickly to focus on the real value creation: the business development of your project.  And our financial independence allows us to be a potential long-standing financial partner behind the best performers.

Happydemics logo

Ask questions to the world, at the speed of light.

Happydemics simplifies access to opinion and re-establishes the link between companies and individuals around the world. Their mission? Transform the market research sector. Created in 2015 from the awareness of the urgent need to reinvent market research that involves long, costly and overly complex procedures, Happydemics is the only technology that enables all professionals, the most novice as well as the most seasoned, to automate the conduct of their studies on a single platform.  


Boost frontline performance by developing a learning habit

Created at the end of 2014, SPARTED has developed a white-label mobile learning application to facilitate the transmission of information to frontline employees (sales, service agents or technicians) and improve customer service. SPARTED offers these employees the opportunity to train by playing three minutes each day on an application. By using social and gambling mechanisms, SPARTED allows the training of employees who are difficult to integrate into conventional training programs. Around a hundred major groups, including LVMH, TOTAL, PSA, BNP Paribas, have already adopted the solution.

Lettria logo

Spins data into gold

Created in 2017, Lettria is one of the most advanced players in NLP on the French-speaking market. The team has developed a unique technology that allows a better level of language accuracy and correction utilizing a mixed scientific and linguistic approach. Lettria’s technology is based on the semantics of French rather than keywords. Lettria has developed (alone and in collaboration) enriched business solutions thanks to NLP: social listening, plug-in for detecting non GDPR compliant comments, plug-in for enriching customer knowledge for CRM.

Livsty logo

An essential partner for equity release - Real Estate and Ethics

Livsty is rethinking the traditional approach to the real estate equity release model, which is a complex, opaque and unbalanced market (5 sellers for 1 buyer). They have built a solution with an approach of being the partner of reference for seniors looking for financing and creating a community of investors (individuals and professionals) around a new type of real estate asset. Livsty is committed to finding a fast, ready-to-use financing solution adapted to the situation of each senior citizen.

Big Moustache logo

A made in France natural grooming products brand for men

Created in 2013, Big Moustache is the only French omnichannel player in shaving and grooming products for men. With an original and offbeat brand universe, the brand offers razor subscriptions, natural, made in France, and high quality cosmetic products for men, as well as a specific universe in its Parisian boutiques and barbershops. Big Moustache has also developed a marketplace in its stores and online to help its community discover brands that are consistent with its positioning.

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