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Weather & Climate bot

Master your weather sensitivity

What is it ?

Weather and climate data is a key driver for a great diversity of businesses

The climate or weather conditions are driving forces of many businesses, or at least very influential on the business outcomes.

It is therefore of utmost importance for them to incorporate weather / climate data in the analysis of their business data. 


Use AI to anticipate weather and climate impacts on your business activities

Our bot blends your business data with past weather history data and infers the sensitivity of your business to climate.

  • Our tool gathers Business (revenue, demand, etc.) and Weather (weather forecasts, meteorological observations) data.
  • It then correlates weather and business data using Machine Learning and a White-box model
  • See the dependence of your business to climate variables (temperature, wind, sunlight, etc.)

A bot brings daily updates to consolidate our weather & climate datastore.


If you wish to learn more about Weather & Climate bot, use the link bellow to access a demo:


Weather & Climate bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

To learn more about Heka and its ecosystem

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