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Disruptive Technologies

Faithful to its Consulting 4.0 strategy and the development of augmented intelligence, Sia Partners uses a mastery of disruptive technologies to help our clients meet all the challenges of their digital transformation.

Profiler - A Cloud-Based Technology Platform

Profiler is a cloud-based technology platform that streamlines the management of resource companies exploration portfolio.


Harvest - A Customisable, Cloud-Based Strategy Execution Tool

A customisable cloud-based solution offering strategy execution and project management.


DevOps & Cloud

We support our clients in the design and implementation of an agile organization for the management of system, network and security operations in order to foster more flexibility in infrastructure management, accelerate time to market for businesses and reduce the operational costs.



Sia Partners offers a 360 ° Crypto-Assets servicing, ranging from strategy - for example on digital currencies / CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) - to the installation of complete public blockchain nodes on your servers on premise or in the cloud.



Sia Partners offers a 360 ° Blockchain servicing, ranging from strategy to production. This offer has been tested for several years and on more than 25 missions, in multiple sectors: banking, finance, insurance, energy, media, health, transport, industry, etc.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technological wave that is transforming businesses, administrations and society. Sia Partners supports its customers in the implementation of new offers and services based on IoT, and in different sectors such as utilities, transport, industry or Smart Building.


Next Gen Connectivity: 5G and High Speed Networks

The evolution of telecoms and the arrival of 5G is revolutionizing tertiary and industrial uses, and businesses and communities must adapt to these trends to take advantage of these transformations. Sia Partners supports its clients in infrastructure deployment and development projects.


Process Automation

On the back of extensive experience in process optimisation and transformation projects, Sia Partners has developed an expertise and robust methodologies to support you on your process automation journey.