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Digital Finance Target Operating Model

Nowadays, the CFO Office must lead the digital transformation and continue its optimization efforts. As a consequence, constantly challenging its operating model through further standardization/automation/digitalization, and organizational redesign has become part of the everyday agenda of the CFO.

Developping skills for the financial branch

The rapid transformations of the finance function (robotization and digitalization in particular), combined with the growing demand for added value, require the skills of teams in the finance sector to evolve. Sia Partners supports you in the implementation of finance academies.


Building and optimizing Shared Service Centers

In the context of increasing pressure on the costs of finance departments, the centralization of accounting functions makes it possible to meet several requirements: optimizing processes, streamlining the organization and improving the relationship with partners in the finance function


Process optimisation and digitalisation

New digital practices are becoming standard for the finance function and its partners : instant access to data, rich and smooth user experience, real-time monitoring…Digitalizing financial processes is an answer to these new standards, and a way to gain efficiency.


Finance Process Automation using RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is key to swiftly automate Finance tasks, but only when the journey is well scoped and deployment efficiently steered. Our experts, specialized in Finance and trained on leading technologies such as UiPath or Automation Anywhere, are ready to accompany our clients


Process optimization through Process Mining

Process Mining technologies support Finance Departments with automatic modeling and quantitative analysis of processes. This approach marks the beginning of a new era for process optimization and continuous improvement. Sia Partners collaborates with the market leaders (Celonis, QPR...)