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Augmented Enterprise Performance Management

Sia Partners support its clients to redesign and optimize its performance management models and processes, leveraging planning, budgeting & forecasting new technologies.

Expense Efficiency Framework

Efficiency and Profitability Solutions for businesses.


Pulse bot

Keep in touch with your employees with an appropriate state of mind assesment solution


Best & Fast reporting

Combining speed and quality is essential in order to produce reliable financial reporting especially during closings. Our approach mobilizes our expertise in new technologies (RPA, AI), our skills in process improvement and our ability to spread a culture of continuous improvement.


BI & Dataviz tool scoping & design

The BI 3.0 revolution is underway. It consists of Massive Data, Self Service and Real-Time analytics, Dataviz and other Bots. Our experts are by your side along your project: roadmap, study, tool choice, business analysis, roll-out, change, design of digital dashboards...


EPM tool scoping & steering

EPM tools (budgeting, planning, reporting) are more flexible, accessible and powerful than ever. Our experts support you in all stages of your EPM project: roadmap, POC, tool selection, design, business analysis, deployment, change, expertise...


Adapt management model, reporting and KPIs

Align performance valuation and tracking to strategy is a key challenge for companies. Sia Partners works with its clients from design to change management: relevant and reliable KPIs, real time BI, integrated reporting, implementation in management cycle...


Optimize & Integrate of Forecast Cycles

By streamlining, by designing simple, flexible and integrated planning models and processes (S&OP, Strategic Plan, PMT), using Lean, Light Bud, BBZ, Rolling, Beyond methods or even the Forecast algorithm, Sia Partners spreads best practices in forecasting among its customers


Towards Enhanced Steering: AI, Bigdata, Analytics

DataScience, Bigdata, Predictive, Dataviz ... come to feed augmented Finance and allow its data-driven steering. Sia Partners supports you in this revolution in order to make the most of these disruptive technologies to make reliable, automated forecasts, analysis and reports