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Resilience & Adaptation

"Climate action failure" is the number one long-term threat to the world and the risk with potentially the most severe impacts over the next decade according to the Global Risks Report 2022. The effects of climate change are already visible and palpable, they are becoming more frequent and severe.

In 2021, economic losses from natural catastrophes reached $250 billion, up 24% from 2020. Those losses include $233 billion from weather related events and $17 billion from earthquakes. (The Global Risk Report 2022) 

$250 billion

Therefore, to remain competitive, companies must be capable of adapting to the risks presented by climate change as well as identifying and seizing the opportunities.

the risks of a society in transition and the physical risks for the company

Our Methodology

Our methodology is a pragmatic answer to the operational needs of our clients and was built with them to guarantee the concrete implementation of performant solutions.


our methodology

Our value proposition

The success of our methodology is based on our Consulting 4.0 approach which blends sectorial expertises, technological tools like artificial intelligence, and change management competencies.

Sectorial expertise for resilience

Sia Partners has specific competencies on risk diagnostics related to climate change. Based on risk identification and risk mapping we can classify the most urgent and dangerous risks as the most durable ones and define the adapted covering strategy. Our selected action plan includes actions at different scales to meet our clients objectives and is completed with specific business models and human resources sizing to compose Climatic Roadmaps.

Artificial intelligence for resilience

Sia Partners developped for example a weather bot using clients data and open data to forecast sensitive weather phenomena in the short term, and evaluate the impact of weather evolution in the mid term. Based on more than 30 different weather variables and almost 40 years of global weather forecasts, Sia Partners Weather & Climate Bot can be used for renewable energy production optimisation or insurance risk calculation for instance.

Change Lab for resilience

Based on more than 20 years of experience in company transformation and change management Sia Partners builds with its clients a two step transformation plan for resilience that are transformation trajectory and transformation implementation.

Vinci Real Estate uses Sia Partners Weather Bot to forecast delays on works based on temperature evolution, wind forces, and rain forecasts.