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Model Review

Sia Partners has built an ALM model review offer including critical analysis of structural methodological principles, regulatory compliance, deliverable consistency, and code optimization. Alternative parallel runs complete our approach.

Our model review includes several stages including

The state of play

Carried out jointly with the client's teams, this step aims to draw up the state of play, the study scope and the attention points on which additional studies must be carried out.

Model input review (technical assumptions and data)

This is based on team interviews, data checks, analysis of the consistency of their development, review of their compliance with various standards.

Analysis of the model structure and outputs

Carried out in stages on all the modeling tools, this review is meant to assess the methodological principles, the architecture of models, their compliance with regulatory requirements, their position to market best practices, as well as monitoring the robustness and consistency of outputs.

Regarding assessment robustness, Sia Partners has also designed a “parallel runs” offer, consisting of creating a mirror model and analyzing discrepancies by category, and their root-causes.

This critical review is carried out with a pragmatic aspect, taking into account operational realities, various possibilities and market practices.

Summary and recommendations

Throughout the review, Sia Partners issues feedback and recommendations, registered in a deliverable that also provides indications on the difficulty in implementing the proposed model changes.