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Mining Safety & Sustainability

We ensure mining organisations make the most of the opportunities presented by safety and sustainability requirements and ambitions.

Safety and broader ESG issues are major considerations for the mining and resources sector, organisations in this sector must prove their activities align with regulations in order to maintain their social license to operate.

Rather than seeing this as compliance, Sia Partners ensures mining organisations make the most of the opportunities presented by safety and sustainability requirements and ambitions.

We have supported mining clients to baseline their performance and increase the maturity of their safety and wider ESG practices.

As Sustainability continues to grow in importance, we are supporting clients to define strategic focus areas and initiatives to improve their sustainability in a meaningful way.

Evidence-Based Safety Programs​

We help clients transform their safety capabilities through pragmatic system improvements and behaviour-based interventions, tailored to the operational context of the business.

Global Sustainability Vision

We align strategy, operations, and systems to ensure our clients address sustainability issues and capture the opportunities they present. We help identify material ESG considerations for each business and develop a tailored future state approach.

Sustainability Strategy

ESG and sustainability are at the forefront of mining & resource companies' agendas. Our proven approach to strategy development ensures that sustainability elements are always included in all parts of strategic considerations. With our strong understanding of the challenges for mining around ESG and sustainability, we support mining & resource companies develop clear sustainability strategies, prioritise sustainability initiatives and formulate KPIs to monitor progress. 

Success Story: Sustainability Framework

In preparation for a new growth phase, an Australian mining company was focused on acquiring European assets and needed to develop a sustainability strategy that would address local needs, and meet investment requirements from a larger global investment base.

Leveraging our proven sustainability strategy development process, including Materiality Assessment. We engaged with global stakeholders to understand critical sustainability focus areas, and the battery limits within the areas to guide strategy development.

We were able to help deliver a sustainability strategy to meet, and exceed local area requirements, provide strong alignment to the new corporate strategy, and establish a strong framework to support ongoing sustainability reporting.

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