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Leadership & Management Transformation

We support the entire management line (executives, top managers, local managers) to develop their key role in the transformation of the company, by supporting our clients in defining their leadership model, training and coaching managers, and animating management communities.

Case Studies

Sia Partners supported our client in setting up a new PMO to help them overcome their PMO Challenges. Find out more about what we did, and the impact this had on our client...


Sia Partners was asked to support an end-to-end business transformation programme for an international oil & gas operator and faced three PMO challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Designing, constructing, then implementing a transformational change programme which required a high-degree of control and assurance from stakeholders at different levels from the CEO downwards
  • Challenge 2: Our client had no prior experience of business change and the internal PMO capability was geared towards the management of capital programmes and projects
  • Challenge 3: The additional complication faced was the extensive, pan-continental reach the PMO had to serve in the latter stages – stretching from Western Europe, though Central Europe, onto the Middle East and Asia – and driving forward an integrated programme of work across multiple time zones to achieve a common end state on a defined time line


Sia Partners set up a robust governance structure, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We developed and deployed a PMO Manual outlining all project management processes across the programme, ensuring that all teams where aligned and were responsible for setting up an efficient reporting structure at various levels (team, workstream, programme, geography).

Sia Partners monitored progress against targets, including benefits realisation, and ensured alignment with other initiatives. We built and maintained an integrated plan whilst supporting all programme teams in improving their individual plans.

We supported our client by actively managing risks and issues, and devising effective risk mitigation strategies. We managed internal programme communications across all teams and geographies and finally led the transfer of knowledge to the main organisation and the transition to business as usual.


The PMO effectively integrated, drove and directed numerous workstreams during an initial high-level analysis and design phase before extending to becoming a centralised PMO supported by Regional Project Support Offices (PSOs) during the implementation phase.

As such, the programme was completed on time, budget and quality. A number of PMO processes, tools and templates used in the programme were standardised and used by other projects by the client’s organisation.

Our Client’s staff benefited from working alongside the Sia Partners team on a part-time or full-time basis for the duration of the programme, and through the end of programme transfer of knowledge and capability. This ensured that further improvements could be self-sustaining.

Sia Partners supported our client with the major transformation of their business across their core territories. Find out more about what we did and the impact it had...


Our client was an E&P Operator looking to transform their business across its core territories of CEE and CIS. Locally the business was strong and they were looking for future reserves which would double (or more) their production levels. Finding the right assets, and developing the commercial and operating models and appropriate processes and systems needed to support future operations, was key if our client was to achieve their targets. Sia Partners was asked to support the business by updating the strategy, with a very strong focus on the exploration & production segment as well as develop a fit for purpose economic model that they could use to inform their management decisions and investments in the future.



Part 1: Strategy refresh, economic model benchmarking and design

  • Mobilised the programme and set up an instant PMO
  • Gathered qualitative and quantitative data for the strategy refresh and external benchmarks for the economic model
  • Updated the strategy narrative and designed the tools and templates that would support it
  • Designed the economic model and the supporting vendor selection process

Part 2: Economic model development

  • Adopted a workshop-led approach to update the market, operational, and business unit strategies as well as give input into the design of the business planning process and performance dashboard
  • Scenario tested the strategies to ensure that they were robust and scalable
  • Developed and populated the economic model data structure design
  • Invited selected specialist companies to tender for the development of the economic and petroleum tooling support



Sia Partners successfully developed and defined the scope for a new economics and planning tool as well as an outline implementation plan. We shortlisted four vendors to support the tooling development and facilitated the initial RFP process to assess vendor compliance. We also managed the commercial responses for the anticipated software, set up, customisation, consulting services and other costs associated with potential 3 year licencing arrangements.

Sia Partners  effectively identified a range of enabling processes required around business planning, and stage gate frameworks, for both investment and capital projects and supported the business development required to underpin and support the accelerated growth plans of the business.

Where we started

Our client had engaged a strategy consulting firm to support them in the development of its five-year business strategy.  However, while the primary research had been completed successfully by the firm, our client was dissatisfied with the strategic plan as it was missing coherency, did not adequately demonstrate an implementation roadmap, and had not fully engaged all the stakeholders. We were engaged to support the senior management team to complete the strategy process.

The challenges

The greatest challenge was re-energising the project, and helping the team and its key stakeholders on the board to orient around a clear and achievable outcome. The strategic propositions that have already been developed needed to be challenged and checked for robustness. The overall strategic document needed to be completely re-worked, in a fashion that clearly set out the challenges facing the company, the strategic propositions and plans. These need to be supported by appropriate financials and a roadmap to deliver the strategy in ten weeks.

What we did

We established credibility and trust in their strategy and supported the senior management to publish a complete and coherent document summarising the strategic plan. The new governance structures were put in place which ensured all stakeholders were engaged and ultimately supported the plans. As the plan was signed off internally, We continued to support the management team during the discussions with external stakeholders, regulators, sister group companies, and Government Minister.

The outcome

A strategic plan which will guide our client between 2014 and 2018 and forms the basis of its readiness for significant market changes and de-regulation in 2019.