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How We Define a Content Strategy

We help our clients to structure and improve the reliability of product data which is created and enhanced throughout the graphic chain, in order to lay the foundation for their content strategy

Optimize processes. Thanks to the deployment and optimization of the graphic chain management tool, we improve internal processes to increase their efficiency. Centralizing stakeholders, data and assets on the same platform facilitates project management and the validation process, while reducing the risk of errors.


Reduce risks. Graphic chain digitalization allows companies to benefit from advanced functionalities such as artwork comparison, automatic controls on data or graphic design, and translation management. This facilitates the detection of errors and anomalies, and reduces the risk of their products not meeting compliance requirements, while favoring traceability and market release.


Drive performance. Sia Partners’ methodology improves collaborator performance by building on rationalized business processes and graphic chain tooling. Task management, workflow management and KPI monitoring enable teams to deliver key assets in less time and with a higher quality, which has a positive impact on the time to market.


Leverage artificial intelligence to ensure quality content. Thanks to our data science capabilities, we can support our clients throughout the entire production chain, from conception to commercialization, and guarantee quality content in two main areas: regulatory compliance and expert & consumer opinions. Among other tools, we have developed a bot capable of matching product composition, product legislation, and expert & consumer opinions. This is carried out in order to build a legislational and reputational score on each of the raw materials and finished goods. Our solution is also capable, thanks to image recognition techniques, of automatically checking the regulatory compliance of packaging (ingredient lists, logos, etc.)

Optimized management of the graphic chain allows product time to market to be reduced by 25%*. (*Sia Partners benchmark, 2019)

- 25%


We have developed a bot that assesses the regulatory and reputational risks associated with each component and finished product.

Our Work in the Consumer Goods Industry

Find out how we supported a consumer goods leader in structuring their graphic chain.

At the heart of packaging production, the graphic chain plays a key role in making products available on the market and ensuring their compliance with current regulations. In order to improve internal performance and support their business objectives, our client wanted to implement a global tool to manage the graphic chain in all its divisions on a global scale. Following a strategic study and a benchmark of market solutions, Sia Partners supervised the tender process while establishing a tool deployment project and anticipating change management.