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How to Monetize Data

Data valorization and data monetization are smart ways for companies to generate new sources of revenues. Sia Partners supports clients on this topic with proven expertise; strategic study, go-to-market strategy, design and implementation of data valorization and monetization initiatives.

• Develop new sources of revenue. Spurred on by the explosion in data volumes, companies are willing to make the most out of this untapped value opportunity by creating and selling data products and services out of raw, aggregated or alternative data. Our expertise combines data monetization uses cases and business industry knowledge of turning data into value.


• Define a go-to-market strategy with limited risk level. Our range of intervention includes data mapping, and use case generation for data monetization and valorization. Moreover, Sia Partners supports clients in defining the right data product mix with different pricing methods developed specifically for Data Valorization. The overall strategy definition includes risk assessment on legal, reputational and competitive levels.


• Adopt the right sales strategy for industrialization. Data is one of the only goods that is not limited in time, frequency, and volume; meaning that the same data can be sold for different prices, to different companies at the same time, for different uses. This particularity makes it important to be able to find the right sales strategy that enables industrialization. For this, we partnered with DAWEX, a worldwide data marketplace, and provider of white labelled platform for data exchange, to provide our client with the latest and most relevant technologies.

Our Work With a Consortium of Agricultural Representatives

Find out how we supported a consortium of agricultural representatives in the exploitation of agricultural data.

As part of a call for expressions of interest launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, our work with this consortium aimed to:

• enable farmers to control data over the entire agricultural value chain

• ensure system interoperability and traceability throughout the value chain via the deployment of necessary standards

• implement a strategy to exploit data leading to the improvement of agricultural practices; cost optimization, sustainable development, biodiversity enhancement and security