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How to Design and Improve Customer Journeys using Design Thinking

We instil a culture of design and customer empathy at every level of the organization to help our clients understand the entire customer journey, outline innovative interactions, and quickly respond to customers’ requests in order to satisfy them and exceed their expectations.

Focus on an end-to-end design approach rather than touchpoints. We help companies define a seamless, omnichannel customer journey so that the customer experience is global and similar across all channels. In order for the company to develop this 360° view of consumer expectations and needs, we offer to map the customer journey, identify key-moments, and set up actions to create a differentiating and optimal customer experience for the client.


Create an adaptable, flexible, and unbroken customer experience. We capitalize on Design Thinking-based tools to create innovative solutions and test them quickly with customers. This iterative process helps to generate engagement at every level, to shorten implementation time, and to constantly improve the customer experience in a sustainable way.


Improve customer knowledge and instill it within the organization. We help build a customer-centric corporate culture based on empathy, while breaking down organizational silos. To create a differentiating experience, it is necessary to take into account the customer’s point of view and feelings, and to instill them at every level of the company by having an appropriate change management strategy.

Impact of delivery time on customer experience and customer journeys for an automotive leader

As part of the conception of new, target customer journeys, we helped an automotive leader to address a major pain point identified on several stages of the customer journey: the delivery time for a new car. The objective of our intervention was to split the target customer journey into business actions and associated tools across all channels (concession, e-commerce, customer service, etc.)