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Fund your climate ambitions

Financing opportunities for climate transition projects are numerous, but the process can be complex and time-consuming...

The overall investments needed to achieve the global climate transition should be around an average of $ 3,500 billion per year over the period 2016-2050. At the corporate level, implementing an ambitious climate strategy requires large investments to transform business models quickly and structurally.

Whether at the level of implementation or financing, the company can partner with a wide range of private or public partners at different levels: international, national or local.

In addition, the financing arrangements may differ. The company can include its project within its own activities or create a specific "project company" which is a legal and financial structure carrying the project. The financing of climate transition requires expertise in order to find the most suitable sources of funding.

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Our offer and methodology

We help our clients in all aspects of financing climate transition project, from the fundraising process to the management of the financed project:

  • Benchmark and study of available financing: mapping of public and private financing, comparison with similar projects, pre-selection of relevant fundings and definition of a roadmap to obtain financing.
  • Business plan definition: determine an optimised business model for the project including investments, operating costs, financing costs in order to analyse the profitability of the project and the different financing possibilities. Extra-financial criteria should also be analysed to assess the relevance of the project in relation to the company's low-carbon strategy.
  • Preparation of the financing file: The required funding documents are delivered with an overall project pitch. The application and presentation documents for potential investors contain various chapters that need specific drafting, in order to justify the relevance of the funding for the project. The project's justification must be adapted according to the funding body or the type of investor addressed. The production of the financing files provides a 360° view of the project.
  • Support for the finalisation of the project set-up and its implementation: finalise the project set-up and ensure that the various project milestones are achieved as pre-defined. Support for project management has to start before the application for funding is submitted. We distinguish three main areas: coordination and monitoring of the planning, reporting and communication around the project.
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Our value proposition

From the need for carbon neutrality to business model resilience and performance: why undertake energy transition projects?

As greenhouse gas emitters, companies have a direct impact on global warming and a necessity to act:

  • They must comply with regulations and anticipate their gradual tightening.
  • The environmental issue affects their attractiveness and credibility with customers, employees, applicants and business partners.
  • Climate change will impact their performance and resilience. They must anticipate future risks and adapt to those already existing.
  • Lagging behind competitors could have serious consequences.
  • The energy transition also represents opportunities for companies, which can create new offers, change their organisation, develop industrial resilience, etc.

The financing process is essential to the successful completion of the project. It is a catalyser of the project's stakes and its viability. When preparing the project package, attention will be paid to its technical and economic robustness, the relevance of the partnerships, the governance arrangements, etc. The success of the project relies on the polyvalence of the team, a strong experience of partnership relations and a strong capacity for anticipation. Contracting external advisors may be advantageous for companies by providing a necessary expertise, saving a significant time commitment, maximising the chance of obtaining the funds and optimising the financing costs.

In addition, the current countries' recovery and green investment plans offer many opportunities to undertake an energy transition project, which companies are not always aware of.