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The Sia Partners offer addresses the financial cycle of the CIO, with the aim of supporting the CIO and their management control, by optimizing cloud-related expense management. This is done by consolidating control of needs and visibility on cloud consumption.

  • Organization & Steering. We perform an analysis of the existing status, an assessment of FinOps maturity and an identification of areas for improvement, as well as assisting you in defining a target organization model. 
  • Monitoring uses. We help you to establish a history of the evolution of cloud services usage, and processes for measuring the actual use of these services. We identify avenues of optimization with an analysis of risks and opportunities.
  • Optimizing cloud spending. We help you to obtain a detailed, consolidated vision of the costs linked to the cloud, by prioritizing cloud suppliers and solutions. We carry out a projection of the consumption of services, then identify avenues for optimization.
  • Selection of FinOps tools. We analyze the tools on the market and assist you in the selection of the most relevant FinOps solution according to the scope to be covered and your specificities. We support you during the deployment of the chosen solution, up to the change management stage.