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End to End Blockchain Solutions

Sia Partners offers a 360 ° Blockchain servicing, ranging from strategy to production. This offer has been tested for several years and on more than 25 missions, in multiple sectors: banking, finance, insurance, energy, media, health, transport, industry, etc.

Our service offering has several components: 

Strategic support:

Given the fast pace of blockchain technologies evolution and the multiplicity of actors and information, it can be difficult to clearly identify challenges, to develop and implement a firm strategy on Blockchain topics. Sia Partners offers a multidisciplinary team made up of blockchain specialists and business specialists in order to:

  • Assists C-levels in their journey to Blockchain understanding 
  • Realize benchmarks and study
  • Realize strategic roadmap and business plan

Ideation and identification of use cases: 

A technology having as sole purpose to serve a use case, we pay particular attention to the identification as well as to the selection of this one. To do this, we carry out tailor-made ideation workshops with our clients, then we apply our use case validation methodology. This methodology, developed on the basis of our experience, is continuously updated after each new intervention.


We can quickly implement from A to Z, or more simply support our clients in the development of blockchain prototypes, containing among others: smart contracts, encryption systems, key management systems as well as a user interface. Our team masters several blockchain technologies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, and has implemented a methodology allowing the selection of the technology most suited to the needs of clients. This methodology, developed on the basis of our experience, is continuously updated after each new intervention

In order to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, we also have “off-the-shelf” prototypes, which can be configured in a few days.

Large technical implementations going up to production: 

As the scalability of a blockchain solution is complex, our team supports its clients in their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) projects, pilots and deployment. To ensure that the systems developed are sustainable, we systematically implement DevOps best practices.

Technical audits:

We also support our clients in the audit of their existing blockchain solutions in order to assess the robustness of the smart contract, code and / or performance of their applications.


Our team provides training in the best French engineering schools and universities, interviews the largest French blockchain players and publishes both popular and very technical articles, this in order to spread these new concepts to as many people as possible.

We regularly intervene in panels in France and internationally, and provide training to our clients. These trainings can be for:

  • C-Level. For example: the benefits of blockchain for a given industry, state of the market among competitors ...
  • Business teams. For example: blockchain at operational level, how to manage a blockchain project
  • IT teams. For example: developing under Hyperledger Fabric or Corda;

Additional services: 

Our team offers complementary services such as:

  • Legal, tax and regulatory supports
  • Development and implementation of a communication and change management plan

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