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Developing Smart Grids

Sia Partners assists DSOs from the definition of their Smart Grid development strategy to the full implementation of innovative use cases in industrial business processes.
We intervene as operational support on projects as well as technical experts.


Developing Smart Grids for the benefit of all network users

Now more than ever, electricity networks are at the heart of energy issues. They are being digitized and transformed to meet new use cases and become more efficient.
In this context, the emergence of Smart Grid solutions should allow Distribution System Operators to guarantee and optimize the fulfillment of their core missions and to adapt in order to better meet the new expectations of network players.

Examples of Smart Grid Use Cases and Solutions


Our Activities in the Field of Smart Grids

We support our clients throughout all stages of their Smart Grid projects, from the conception of the idea to the deployment of an industrial solution.


  • Definition of Smart Grid ambition, strategic orientations and roadmap
  • Benchmark of tools and solutions
  • Regulatory watch
  • Project governance and organization
  • Technical infrastructure



  • Smart Grid demonstrations
  • Experimentation of end-to-end use cases
  • Smart Grid experimentation portfolio management


  • Smart Grid solution screening and selection for industrialization
  • Coordination of business, data science, software and hardware development teams for the industrialization of Smart Grid solutions
  • Field pilot management
  • Definition and monitoring of Smart Grid KPIs  
  • Implementation of change management procedures
  • Restructuring of impacted organizations

Our Technical Expertise in Smart Grids

In addition to our project management activities, we have extensive technical expertise in key areas which are essential to the success of your Smart Grid projects.


Smart Grid solutions we helped our clients implement

The following are some examples of Smart Grid solutions for which we supported our clients throughout all phases of implementation.

Supporting the integration of renewable energy sources

This tool gathers and processes data from the network for the construction of renewable energy prospective scenarios. It helps to find the optimal positioning of solar panels without network reinforcements. Moreover, it computes the virtual capacities in order to create global scenarios of network planning.

Using Big Data and AI to predict incidents and improve the network

Thanks to sensors on the network and Big Data, this tool offers a better understanding of the state of the infrastructure and the presence of various vulnerabilities. This information can be used for maintenance purposes to avoid incidents due to abnormal stress on assets.