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Data Governance, Data Dictionary & MDM​

Comprehensive governance solutions ensure data quality and security, supported by centralized data dictionaries and Master Data Management (MDM).


Effective data governance is the foundation of a successful data strategy. Our approach to Data Governance, Data Dictionary & Master Data Management (MDM) begins with a comprehensive understanding of your organization's data landscape, including data sources, formats, and ownership.

We work closely with your team to establish clear policies, standards, and processes for data management, ensuring data quality, consistency, and security across the enterprise. Our data dictionaries serve as a centralized repository of data definitions and metadata, facilitating communication and collaboration across teams. Additionally, our MDM solutions enable you to master your critical data assets, such as customer information and product data, to drive better decision-making and operational efficiency.

Use cases

We began with ideation, qualification, and evaluation of potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases, where innovative ideas are generated, vetted, and assessed for feasibility and impact. This was followed by strategic management of the resulting use case portfolio, prioritizing initiatives in alignment with organizational goals and resource allocation. Support was then provided for the industrialization, scaling, and deployment of selected AI projects, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to implementation. Finally, a critical aspect involved integrating these use cases into existing business processes and managing the associated changes, facilitating seamless adoption, and maximizing the value derived from AI investments.

Managing a project focused on developing an artificial intelligence-driven recommendation engine for offers and advice entails several key phases. Initially, there was the framing and launch of the project, followed by ongoing management to ensure its progress and success. This included overseeing various aspects of the project, from planning to execution, and coordinating deployment efforts through structured committee processes.