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Sia Partners offers a 360 ° Crypto-Assets servicing, ranging from strategy - for example on digital currencies / CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) - to the installation of complete public blockchain nodes on your servers on premise or in the cloud.


Our service offering has several components: 

Strategic support:

Given the fast pace of crypto-assets evolution, the growing number of tokenized assets, the multiplicity of actors and information, and the sensitive nature of crypto-assets subjects, it can be difficult to identify the issues, to develop and implement a group strategy on Crypto-Assets, digital currencies or CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency). Sia Partners offers a multidisciplinary team made up of blockchain specialists and business specialists in order to best support its clients in:

  • Their journey to crypto-assets understanding
  • Their strategic roadmap and business plan

Technical implementations: 

Sia Partners supports its clients in the development of smart contracts, the development and integration of crypto applications and the installation of complete nodes (point of a blockchain network where a message can be created, received or transmitted) of public blockchain like Bitcoin for example. All while applying DevOps methods to register applications over time.


Security is the cornerstone of any application handling crypto-assets. Our team supports its clients in choosing their partners, in auditing and then securing their systems.


Our team provides training in the best French engineering schools and universities, interviews the largest French blockchain players and publishes both popular and very technical articles, this in order to spread these new concepts to as many people as possible.

We regularly intervene in panels in France and internationally, and provide training to our clients. These trainings can be for:

  • C-Level. For example: the benefits of crypto-assets for a given industry, market conditions among competitors ...
  • Business team. For example: crypto-assets at the operational level
  • IT team. For example developing on Bitcoin, how to fork an Ethereum node, how to install a Bitcoin or Lightning Network node